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B4 Front Wing Installation

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In order to install the JConcepts #0103 B4 Front Wing, you will need the following items: 
Scissors (curved polycarbonate type preferably)
B4 front shock tower
#0103 front wing
1/16th drill bit
Pin vise or hand held drill
.050 Allen wrench or driver

| 1. | Assuming that a spare shock tower is not available, you must first begin by un-installing the front shock tower from the chassis. This is accomplished easiest by first removing the upper shock mount nuts, followed by the four screws which hold the tower to the front bulkhead. Next “pop” the camber links from the ball studs to completely release the tower from the chassis. 

| 2. | Carefully cut out the front wing using the aforementioned scissors, following the marked cut lines (as shown).  Using a drill or pin vise, drill through the two pre-marked holes on either side of the wing. Position and align the wing onto the rear of the tower, and using the drill bit to mark the placement of the two mounting holes on the tower. Set the wing aside and slowly drill through the tower where it was just marked. Be sure that the holes are drilled straight both vertically and horizontally for proper screw alignment (as shown). 

| 3. | Remove any debris from the inside the holes, and any flashing from around them. Once again align the wing on the rear of the tower, aligning both sets of holes. Using the 2-56 screws (supplied) and the .050 Allen wrench fasten the two items together.

| 4. | Replace the front shock tower by reversing the information detailed in step one.