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R/C racing cars and trucks differ from the toy store variety in many ways. Built for toughness, competition, speed, and handling, they utilize advanced manufacturing processes to withstand the rigors of competetive racing.

R/C racing is a very exciting way for families and individuals of all ages to get involved in a healthy hobby. R/C cars are mechanically and technically charged which make them ideal for adults but also teach patience and maturity which is great for children.

Currently R/C racing enjoys worldwide popularity and kits are available to build and race on every continent. Although, we at JConcepts currently manufacture competition grade R/C car vehicles and accessories, the roots of the company, are tied to very humble beginnings as backyard bashers. We understand your position whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro.


  • You control the R/C racing vehicles' speed and steering by a hand-held radio transmitter operating on a certain radio frequency.
  • The most common scales are 1:12, 1:10 and 1:8. The cars are powered either by an on-board electric motor or a nitro-powered engine.
  • Special tracks have been built to provide a place to practice and race. Tracks come with different surfaces to accommodate the many types of cars and trucks--dirt for off road types and paved surfaces for on-road vehicles, both gas and electric.

The Rule:

As a rule, if you want to jump curbs and drive in the grass and dirt you probably want to choose an off-road buggy or truck. If you want to play on the street and having a 'real' looking car is a priority, you are probably looking for an on-road type of car.

There are multiple paths that lead into R/C.
Here are a couple of paths to consider:

Path 1 - I've never even heard of racing R/C cars.

Educate yourself on the industry and products. Look for top quality products from companies with a rich heritage in the hobby. Accept no substitutes; just about all manufacturers have products which fit into everyone's budget. Lots of information can be found about radio control racing cars through the internet. Find manufacture's sites, make new friends in R/C based forums, refer to the rule above and decide your direction. There are also many different magazine publications that provide direction on everything from tuning tips, kit reviews and race schedules, to locations of clubs and race tracks. Refer to provided links below for helpful websites to manufacturers, magazines and R/C based forums. Roar's web site, in addition to being full of information, may also be useful for finding a track in your local area, visit ROAR for more information.

Popular Magazines include but are not limited to:

Path 2 - I've driven a friend's car and I am ready to purchase my own.

If you are looking to compete, purchase top quality products from a competition based manufacturer. Practice hard and often, while learning everything you possibly can about your equipment. Watch the top drivers and understand the fundamentals of racing. Make new friends at the track and in R/C based internet forums. Stay current while following national and world level events and trends. Build, prepare and maintain your own equipment on the way to becoming a World Champion driver.

You may not be ready to jump right in to the competition, and that is ok! A lot of manufacturers, in addition to making race vehicles, also make Ready-to-Run, or RTR vehicles, or race rollers, which require less preparation and effort to get on the track or the driveway. RTR's typically come with most everything you would need to get started. Check with your local hobby store, they will be knowledgeable about what is going on in your area and what may work best for your needs.

R/C car racing is not just a local sport, professional drivers travel all around the world to various races, World Championships and Hobby Shows. The IFMAR World Championships are held every 2 years and the host track city changes each year. The U.S. ROAR Nationals are held once a year and tracks are selected around the U.S to host this event each year. Other countries also have their own national events as well. R/C Racing is governed by organizations which include: ROAR, EFRA, FEMCA, FAMAR and IFMAR.

In addition to the large scale, professional competitions, the U.S. is broken up in to regions which also conduct races, as well as state races and other racing series. You can find more information on these Racing Leagues or Series such as the R/C Pro Series and the Jimmy Babcock Racing League on their web sites.

For example, the Florida State Off-Road Series is made up of 8-weekend long races held at varying tracks across the state. For the Florida State Series, gas, or nitro, races are held on Saturday and the electric races are on Sunday. The 8 races are held over the course of the year and points are tallied to track the winner. Racers are allowed to drop 2 races, so 6 races make up the total points which determine the winners of each class. As this is a points race, it is important to strive for the TQ position as well as the win! While at the same time it is also important to attend every race, and if you are not the TQ, consistency (and attendance) can be your secret to success!

Good luck and we'll see you at the track!