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Hours of Operation:
9:00 - 5:00 EST

Mailing Address:
JConcepts Inc.
15370 CR 565A, Ste C
Groveland, FL 34736

Telephone Numbers:
352-241-4976 Office
352-243-5904 Fax


  • Q.
    What is 'In Focus' ?
  • In Focus is a function of our website where drivers are featured that use the JConcepts product.
  • Q.
    What is 'In Detail' ?
  • In Detail is a miscellaneous section for instruction sheets, exploded views or 'how to' articles. You can find a variety of interesting and useful information here.
  • Q.
    Why haven't you answered my email?
  • We answer emails daily and we do our best to provide a response. If you haven't received an answer to your email chances are it is in your spam folder or it was undeliverable at the time the reply was sent.
  • Q.
    Can I return a product if I have purchased the wrong one?
  • Yes, you can. Send it back to JConcepts and we will be happy to exchange your purchase with in 10 days of placing your order if it is still in the original wrapping and has not been tarnished, defaced or harmed in other ways. Additional shipping fees may apply.
  • Q.
    Can I submit my racing resume to JConcepts for consideration on the Racing Team?
  • Yes, you can. Please send your racing resume with complete name and address to info@ A return response may not be sent immediately as we receive a lot of requests for team consideration.
  • Q.
    Can I order directly from JConcepts?
  • While we suggest first that you purchase your items directly from a local hobby shop we also offer our shopping cart online as an avenue to purchase.
  • Q.
    Do you ship to Europe, Asia and other countries around the world?
  • Yes, JConcepts has shipped to most countries around the world. If you are not sure if we ship to your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. (link to contact page) Additional shipping charges may apply based on location and weight of order.
  • Q.
    Do you accept PayPal ?
  • Yes, we accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, personal check or money order. As with any other orders, please, never mail cash.
  • Q.
    I am a track/hobby store owner and I am having a race at my home track and I am looking for sponsors for the event -what should I do?
  • Please, contact us directly and we will work with you on this. We have a sponsor package, which may include banner(s) and gift certificates. We will need to know the race location, name of event and number of entries. As a sponsor, we would like to be included on promotional materials for the race as applicable.
  • Q.
    What domestic distributors carry the JConcepts products?
  • Hobbico, HRP and Competition Products.
  • Q.
    Can my local dealer order straight from JConcepts?
  • Local dealers are encouraged to order from one of our domestic distributors. If they are not able to get or locate a product from them they may order it directly from JConcepts at anytime.
  • Q.
    I have a suggestion for a product!
  • We love to hear from our customers that have suggestions for new products that we don't already have available. Please email yours ideas and comments directly to us.
  • Q.
    What do I use to paint the body (paint, can/airbrush)?
  • Because our bodies feature overspray film, vinyl window mask and our high-quality vinyl decals, you literally need nothing but a can of spray paint to have a wonderful R/C car body. For more advanced bodies featuring two or more colors of paint, you will need quality masking tape (we recommend 3M brand masking tape) and a hobby knife. We recommend using Pactra paint.
  • Q.
    Where can I find someone to paint my body?
  • See our In Detail section for links to custom painters. You can probably find someone at your local hobby shop or race track to paint bodies also.
  • Q.
    What tires will work on my track conditions?
  • Please check our tire application chart in the In Detail section.
  • Q.
    Can you put me 'In Focus'?
  • Feel free to send us high quality pictures of you or you and your JConcepts products! See the section of the web site for details on what we look for In Focus.
  • Remember everyone can't be In Focus but please send us the information and who knows you might get lucky.
  • Q.
    I want to put a JConcepts body on my car but I don't think it is specifically for my car. Will it fit?
  • Lots of bodies fit other vehicles. We do save photos of customers that have put our bodies on other vehicles they are not labeled for. We will share the information and photos if available. However, it is impossible to know each and every vehicle's dimensions and locations of shocks, shock towers, body mounts and engine location. You might have to actually bring your vehicle to a local hobby shop and visually check to see if it is close to fitting. The rest of the fitting is up to you.
  • Q.
    Can I use one of your banners or images on my web page?
  • If you want to use JConcepts-owned images on your website, all we ask is that you email and ask permission.
  • Q.
    When is the JConcepts Clash?
  • Please visit for details.
  • Q.
    There's a typo or mistake on the web page!
  • Thanks for noticing! Please email and let us know.