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Date of the Event: 02.06.2009JConcepts Double Cross Go The Distance!

Event: JConcepts/ Maxy’s Fuel/ Speed Demon Hobbies 3-Hour Enduro
Location: Broward County R/C Speedway (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
Dates: 1/31/2009
Classes: 1/8th Buggy
Race Reporter: Sean Kersten

It was a chilly night to the start of the JConcepts/Maxy’s Fuel/ Speed Demon Hobbies 3 Hour Enduro presented by Broward County RC Speedway.  With 11 teams vying for the $1800 in prize money ($900 for 1st, $600 for 2nd and $300 for 3rd) it was sure to be an exciting night of racing.

After the drivers meeting all the teams started to get prepared for the $75 Pit Man Challenge sponsored by Speed Demon Hobbies.  Every team was given a set of tires and a gallon of fuel from Maxy’s Fuel. The handout tires were mandatory for the first hour of racing.  A huge thank you to the team at JConcepts for providing every team with a set of Double Cross tires and a set of Max Up wheels.

With tires in hand every team had a designated pit area.  Each team car had to start with the motor and pipe out of the car as well as the body and tires off the car.  The only rule was the car had to keep running for 5 minutes with everything intact. When the bell sounded pit guys were thrashing trying to be the first on the track to try to put laps on the competition.  Less than 3 minutes in Gil Sousa from Team Executive Powers was the first car started and on the track giving the Pit Man Challenge win to them.  This gave the team a 2-lap lead going into the race.  Next out was Team Cutting Edge with just over 3 ½ minutes to the track.  Some of the other teams struggled to even start but eventually they all made it.

Team Executive Powers (Gil Sousa, Bart Collins and Sean Kersten) held the lead for the first 1hr and 15 min despite running out of gas before there first pit stop which put 2nd and 3rd place on the same lap as the leaders.  With a battery malfunction as well as losing a plug Team Executive Powers lost the lead to Team RC Boca (JP Tirronen, Mike Minnela and Chris Meloche).   Team RC Boca held the lead past the halfway mark and collected the $75 Halfway Money with Team 305 in 2nd and Team Executive Powers dropping to 3rd (4 laps down) with a servo issue.  With about 1hr and 25 min. left Team RC Boca had a wheel hub problem dropping them back to second place allowing Team 305(Rene Infante, Eddy Ferrunino, Manny Sannchez) to take over the lead.  With a smart strategy Team 305 managed to put a 10 lap lead on 2nd place and 22 on 3rd.  The next 1hr and 25 minutes Team 305 looked like no one was going to be able to stop them.  Meanwhile Team Executive Powers suffered another set back breaking the front end of car with a couple of cars leaving pit road then with 40 minutes left Team RC Boca had a rear diff failure ending there chance to catch Team 305.  With Team RC Boca in the pits the Team Executive Powers managed to regain there 10 lap deficit and move into 2nd place but still 12 laps from the leader.  The last half hour the 3 top teams did a driver switch so it was up to Sean, JP and Manny to bring it home for their teams. Still running in the lead on JConcepts Double Cross with 25 minutes left in the race, tragedy strikes Team 305. They were in the pits; after changing numerous plugs, flaming out and the pit runner needing oxygen for retrieving there car for what seemed like 20 times in those last 25 minutes it ended up being a split case.  Their race was over. By turning laps Team Executive powers took back there original lead with a 2 lap cushion over second place.  Although JP put a good effort to run down the leader in the last 25 minutes, Sean kept his cool and his nearly 2-lap lead to the end of the race. Team Cutting edge finished just out of the money in fourth by 5 laps.  Thanks to those guys for making the trip down for the race.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors JConcepts, Maxy’s Fuel and Speed Demon Hobbies for their support.