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Date of the Event: 11.12.20082008 Sidewinder: Maifield Doubles Up!

Event: 2008 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion
Location: Thunder Alley Raceway
Dates: 11/8-9/2008
Classes: 1/8th Fuel Buggy, 1/8th Fuel Truck
Race Reporter: Andrew Moore

Thunder Alley played host to the Sidewinder Nitro Explosion this past weekend in Beaumont, California. This event has gained popularity and going into its 5th year, the attendance reflects this with 225 entries. Many top pros from North America made it out so the competition was sure to be fierce.

Coming off a rough weekend in 1/8th Truck at the Reedy Truck Race, JConcepts own Ryan Maifield was on a mission and it showed. He strapped up a set of Half-Ups Double Dees and got to work in qualifying, only needing the first two rounds to secure the TQ. Buggy didn’t go quite as well, but the weekend did bring about the invention of the new "Cross Bar" combination (Cross Bow fronts, Crow Bar rears). Even with the tire experimentation, he managed to grab a spot near the front of the A-main.

Although qualifying is important, the mains are the deciding factor in a race weekend and Ryan was definately up to the challenge. A tire change to the new Half-Ups Cross Hairs (which brought him the win at Manufacturers Cup) meant he was ready for the 45 minute main.  Using his TQ starting position in 1/8th Truck he built a lead and kept it. Adam Drake closed to within 3 seconds at one point, but Maifield was able to stretch it back out and finished the race with a lap over the field. On a side note, recent JConcepts signing Danny Greco grabbed a spot in the A as well, finishing an encouraging 9th. Maifield had his work cut out for him in 1/8th Buggy as the temperature dropped significantly and the conditions began to change. As the main progressed passed half way, Maifield and Tessman proved to be the two contenders for the win. For the final 20 minutes of the race these Worlds A mainers battled it out, and kept it clean. Tessman put in a ridiculous final lap to attempt a pass on Maifield, but at the line Ryan Maifield took the win by the narrowest of margins, just 1/100th of a second. This meant his second win for the weekend, sweeping the Sidewinder.

All of the aforementioned products (Cross Bows, Crowbars, Half-Ups Double Dees, Half-Ups Cross Hairs) will be available in December. Photo Credit:Brent Thielke.