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Date of the Event: 10.12.2008J82 Long Jump! - AMP Live Event Tour - R/C Monster Motorsports

Event: AMP Live Event Tour | RC Monster Motorsports

Location: Lakeland, FL 

Dates: October 10-11, 2008

Class: All


There is just something about these big trucks, maybe it is the larger than life persona or the noise but these trucks are exciting to me.  These machines do not posses the technical nature of a formula 1 car or the fan base of Nascar but ask a little kid what they would rather see and a monster truck would  win every time. The King was in our presence at the AMP Live Event.  However, it is probably not the king that most expect it was the king of monster trucks Bigfoot.  Bigfoot was the original monster truck and the king as far as I'm concerned.  Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction and others have a huge following but the real monster truck racing existed in the late 80's and early to mid 90's.  Those events were dominated by Bigfoot.  Since the mid 90's monster trucks have went from racing events to basically staged events put on by Monster Jam.  Don't get me wrong they still race the trucks on Monster Jam and pack the seats but not in the same way and I have a feeling from time to time that the racing is still staged.  Something happened to Monster Trucks in the 90's and it wasn't a turn for the best in my opinion.  Where has the TNT, Penda and Camel series gone?  I thought the MLMT was going to be something special but it has since faded out. I want to see these trucks racing in front of large crowds for large purses again. I don't want professional wrestling on wheels I want the real deal.  Is that too much to ask?Bigfoot (the truck) is in the Smithsonian institute, holds several world records, is the star of many classic movies and has won 23 world racing championships.  If a machine can be a legend or a star than Bigfoot holds all the qualities necessary.   It is one of the very few monster trucks that are meticulously prepared.   The body and chassis, axles were all spotless.  Dan Runte the driver sat in front of Bigfoot like a proud parent.  Dan has a lot to be proud of considering he is one of the rare people that can tame one of these beasts. 

We were not able to see Dan and Bigfoot at their best because of the limitation of the facility.  Watching these trucks outdoors is amazing.  I've been inside these trucks with just the engine running and I'm seriously sacred of it.  Thinking about all the things that could go wrong (R/C experience in action) is just mind boggling.  I can't believe Dan has jumped Bigfoot over a 747 Airplane and a semi tractor trailer. Is this guy nuts? Full throttle with 2000 horsepower slightly behind you jumping an airplane?  I barely want to be in it with the engine on!  I guess that is why I race R/C cars and not 1:1 vehicles? :)

Bigfoot jumps 747 -

Bigfoot jumps semi trailer -

Bigfoot (Wildfoot) wheelie run -

Bigfoot 4 comeback victory -

Bigfoot 4 wins and smokes -

In the racing action Bigfoot smoked the competition.  Freestyle, donut and racing competition was all owned by Bigfoot.  The only problem of the weekend for Dan was actually turning on the concrete surface.  Bigfoot just did not want to turn with the tire selection they choose for the weekend.  I was adamant about Bigfoot changing tires or switching front to back.  Apparently Dan was approaching this race like Ryan Maifield racing at a club race.  Apparently he was going to power his way through it regardless. Fred Reep of R/C Monster Motorsports was nice enough to allow us to come out and participate and watch this fun event.  RCMM invited several of their most dedicated drivers out to display and entertain the crowd during halftime.  At one point we had a complete motley crue out on the floor of the Lakeland Center doing stunts, driving head on into the crushed cars, anything to appease the crowd.  Craig Lowe even pulled off a back flip with a T-Maxx.  With Bigfoot in the house I felt obligated to try a long jump with the J82.  After all it was Bigfoot that jumped 10 cars in 1988 and 12 cars in 1989.  Dan Runte took things to another level when he flew the Bigfoot truck 212 feet while performing the plane jump.  Evil Knievel would be proud as I lined up the J82 for many run ups to the ramp judging distance and traction.  Obviously the crowd was on its feet. :)  Much like when the crowd was behind Spud Webb at the 1986 Slam Dunk event, the crowd was behind the J82. Rolling on the power was tricky on the slick concrete floor but the white compound Bar Codes had plenty of traction once things got moving in a straight line.   About 15 feet before the jumped I pulled full throttle and the buggy took a set and launched completely straight and almost perfectly flat.  I over jumped the downside by about 5 feet and slightly to the left.  I don't know why but I had to downside the other ramp, it was bugging me.  I lined the J82 up and decided I was going to back off and tap the brakes in the air and jump it ramp to ramp like it was the Hot Rod Shootout.  Lucky enough for me it worked out perfectly and it looked like I knew what I was doing, well technically I do but I don't wanna say nothing!  Video below JImagine that R/C cars are fun to drive and play with and it doesn't require an actual track or layout.  Now that I think of it this is actually the way I started in R/C back in 1985, jumping my Clod Buster on the drive way.  Much like Bigfoot I soon realized that there were only a certain amount of moral victories out on the drive way crushing cars.  Once I took my R/C program out to the local track in Orlando and eventually experienced a "win".  I was hooked!

J82 Long Jump Video -