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Date of the Event: 10.07.2008JConcepts Tire Dominates 1/10th Offroad Korean National Championship

JConcepts Tires Sweep the 1/10th Korean Off-Road Nationals

Event: KMRCA 1/10th Electric Off-Road National Championships
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Classes: 2wd Mod, 4wd Mod
Race Reporter: Andy Sohn

JConcepts tires made a big splash on the Korean national scene with their debut at the KMRCA Off-Road race. Japanese stars Maesumi and Sampei both chose to use JConcepts tires over other manufacturer’s offerings. The track conditions called for Bar Codes, and they delivered. Bar Code rear tires were used by 15 of 20 combined A Main drivers, the top two and TQ in both classes.

4WD Modified Class Results:
1. Sampei Tatsuya JConcepts (TQ)
2. Satoshi Maesumi JConcepts
3. Si Min Soo
4. Jang Ji Hyun JConcepts
5. Si Chang Soo JConcepts
6. Kim Byung Whan
7. Kim Eung Chan
8. Choi Kyung Tae JConcepts
9. Whang Suk Gi JConcepts
10. Park Sung Ho JConcepts

2WD Modified Class Results:
1. Sampei Tatsuya JConcepts (TQ)
2. Jang Ji Hyun JConcepts
3. Yu Hyung Kyu JConcepts
4. Si Chang Soo JConcepts
5. Lee In Sup JConcepts
6. Choi Kyung Tae JConcepts
7. Kim Kyo Jun JConcepts
8. Joe Sung Whan
9. Heo Hyo Sung
10. Bak Chang Hyun JConcepts