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Date of the Event: 10.04.2008JConcepts' Rod Rippee takes the 2008 Region 8 2wd Overall win!

Event: ROAR Region 8 Championships
Location: Chillicothe, Mo 
Dates: October 2nd-4th, 2008
Classes: 2wd Mod, 2wd Open
Race Reporter: Rod Rippee

Qualifying: Chris [Baumgartner] and I used Blue Bar Codes when most were using pink bks.  Our tires were better nearly everywhere.  Lap times were on pace with anyone else out there. I was able to secure 2 points in 2wd Mod but in the 2wd Open class (non-ROAR approved systems) I could only manage a 6.  Car and tires were very good but I made a couple mistakes and really just drove too conservatively. In round 2 I drove far better, and was able to get a 2 in both classes with different people beating me each time. Round 3 was more of the same. I secured a 2 in mod but in open I got a 5…just 1.07 seconds from a 0.  I led with two laps to go and did nothing wrecks, no bad laps…just got beat.  Car was consistent and fast. In round 4 I was able to secure a 2nd qualifying spot in 2 wheel mod and a 4th place on the grid in 2 wheel open.

Mains: The first round of triple mains went well.  I won the first main of two wheel mod pulling away.  The first main of 2 wheel open, I fell to sixth.  I was really the only one that could pull off the triple because of the grip I had.  In the second set of mains, I was able to podium 2 wheel mod and in open, I won.  So in the third leg of each, I could win with a win.  In mod, I led with two minutes to go but a mistake cost me the win...second overall.  In open, 2nd qualifier Cody Jandrakovic and I battled for most of the time with him winning and securing the overall victory...once again, I was second. 

So with the points totaled for 2wd Open and 2wd Mod, I was the overall champ.  The top guys agreed to put the two classes together and crown a "King of Region 8 Champ."

I used Bar Codes as mentioned.  This is an indoor, clay track with quite a bit of dust on top…the more dust, the better the tires seemed.  There were many sponsored drivers at the champs, about 15 in total and 185 entries.