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Date of the Event: 08.24.20082008 UK Nationals

Event: 1/10th National   
Type: 2 & 4wd   
Track: Stotfold MCC1/10th National   
Date:  24 August

Race report by: JConcepts Team Driver, Lee Martin

Round 1:  Arriving at a track I'm not particularly good at and only having been there once this year, the weekend was going to be hard work. 2wd had gone quite well, I feel I could have been fast enough to challenge for higher than 4th, but that’s where I finished and with it taking 3rd in the championship. This was good, but 4wd was where the challenge was, I sat on top of the leader board with this last round to go, only need someone other than Ellis Stafford or Chris doughty to TQ and I would be champion! After practiced was shortened due to intense rain, I picked up my working gloves and help clear the water! Round one eventually came around and with a VERY error full run, I managed to claw back to 3rd overall in the round. Darren Bloomfield flew round to take TQ and with it increased my chances on the championship.    
Round 2: A few changes later and round 2 was up. Kevin lee had TQ up until my race as Ellis had broken out before the start of his and doughty was having a bad day. I was liking my chances. After the first few laps I was on for TQ, I kept the smooth consistent driving style that I have adopted and carried through to TQ the round in some fashion!     
Round 3: The do or die round, if Ellis or doughty TQ'ed then the pressure was still on….if myself or Darren did then it would be mine. Ellis put in a good run, with one error it was beatable, but would be hard! In the end I didn’t have too, Darren put in a amazing run to sooth my worries, beating Ellis's time by some 7 seconds and TQ'ing the round to secure myself the championship! Thank you Darren! so by now I’m over the moon and my run wasn’t exactly concentrating! So will scrap that one!    
Round 4:  Well it was time to drive well again….I still wanted to get something from the day as my car, with the help of mechanic Stu Wood, was dialed! The track was drying and it was time to go fast! Neil had put in the fastest time of the day before my race and i was up in the last heat. After 3 minutes I was beating Neil’s time and beating it by a couple of seconds, a slight error with a back marker halted my proceedings and i had to settle for 2nd in the round and with it second on the grid.    
Mains: (format: 3 Legged) Leg 1; it was a good battle through out, Darren’s car was slow off the line and I tucked in behind and had to hit the brakes. Ellis went around the outside of me into turn one and tucked between myself and Darren... I made a slight error and dropped back from the 2 leaders. Darren then crashed and it was time to hunt down Ellis, catching him very quickly a number of times, but making small mistakes to drop me back. With 2 laps to go once again I was on his back door, now he made the mistake and I was through to take the win!                          

Leg 2: once again we started and this time Darren got away cleaner. I, Darren, Ellis and Cragg pulled away from the pack and made it our own race. Mistakes were made and with 3 minutes gone I moved into the lead, with Neil behind me, I put the hammer down and pulled a gap...Neil then made mistakes and Darren moved to second, this is how it finished, there was quite the big gap to 2nd place. Well there we have it, champion and winner on the day. Neil was to win leg 3 to take 2nd in the championship and Ellis 3rd.    
Products Used/Notable Happenings: Would like to say thank you for all the support given this year, Liz (the bird) my family, Mechanic Stu and his family Jen and Lilli-ann, Wraggy, Truman(even though he’s deserted us now) Darren Bloomfield and my sponsors - JConcepts ,Associated, Reedy, Novak, CML, BC1, RC Art, Mk Racing, Race Place, 1st models, SMD. Whooooooooooooo Champion!  

Love the JConcepts Hi-Flow bodies and 7" wing