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Date of the Event: 08.24.20082008 Victorian Titles Results - JConcepts domination

Event: 2008 Victorian Titles, Autralia
Location: Mildura  
Date: August 23-24

Report by Ray Munday

2008 Victorian Titles Results - JConcepts domination
The Victorian State Championships was held in Mildura, Australia, over the weekend, August 23-24.  Behind the Australian Nationals, this event (and the NSW [Sydney] titles) is the second biggest event in the country.  There were about 145 entries which was strong (especially considering it was a 6 hour drive from the nearest major city of Melbourne) and pretty much all of the contenders from the Nats were in attendance.

The track was sensational.  A good mix of flowing and tight sections, elevation changes, jumps and even staircases made it fun to drive and the surface grooved up very well.  Rains leading up to the event meant that practice started off wet, and was damp in the mornings (the temperature was down to freezing overnight) but as each day wore on the track got quicker and quicker.  The Mildura club, despite its remote location, is quickly getting a reputation as a hothouse for emerging r/c talent and with a facility like this it is easy to see why!

In 4wd, Matt Griffin (B44 using JC B44 Hi-Flow body, 6.5” wing and Rulux rims) TQ’d and won all three finals to take the victory.  He was close to unstoppable.  The battle for 2nd to 4th was very close between myself, Andrew Abbot (AE) and Andrew Gillot (Losi) with the three of us separated by less than a second in most rounds.  My car was quick but I was a bit rusty after not driving for 2 months and made a couple of small mistakes when it counted, eventually qualifying 4th.  I tied for 3rd in the finals but lost out on a countback (I had a DNF in one final).  The BJ4WE with the sccopless B44 body was working very well and was more than capable of winning in better hands!!  I ran a standard setup – the main adjustment I made throughout the weekend was front diff tightness to help negotiate the very tight infield s-section.

In 2wd, I managed to TQ and take the win from Andrew Gillot (XXX) and Matt Griffin (B4) but the results were soooo close!! In fact, I think this was the toughest, closest and fairest racing I had ever had the honour of being part of.  The crowd loved it as well. The three of us were generally separated by only a couple of seconds in qualifying, and going into the 4th and final round all of us had one round win each.  The final qualifier was intense – the biggest gap from 1st to third through the entire race was 0.8s!  On the last lap Matt Griffin was leading but got sideways off a jump – I took the won from Andrew Gillot by less than 0.1s giving me TQ!!  I won the first final, Matt won the second final (I led the first half but ran wide on a corner through the ‘swimming pool’ and Matt got past) and Andrew won the third final (I led the first half but Matt made a move on me and we tangled giving Andrew the lead).  When the dust had settled, I had won!  It was a great way to back up the nats win earlier in the year but in reality all three of us were so close I just had luck go my way on the day.  Andrew Molkentin (JC driver) also made it into the very competitive A-main, finishing 8th.

I was using the B4 Hi-Flow body, 7” V-wing and front scoop, Rulux rims and JC ballcups.

In the Truck modified class, current national champ Ashley Peeler finished 2nd after a close battle with Andrew Gillot.  Ash was using the JC T4 Illuzion body.

We also ran a J82 demonstration class.  This was the first time I had run J82 and I really enjoyed it!!  I TQd and won – what impressed me the most was the speed.  In one of the rounds my time was only a few seconds off the times we did with the 2wd buggy and would have placed it in the top 10 for the round.  I ran the PW setup, using Intellect Lipos and Goosebump tyres.  I ran one pair of tyres all day which was impressive as the track become quite abrasive.  In the morning, they worked well when the track was moist and as the track grooved up they wore down to the bars giving great traction on the groove.  I fashioned a front wing out of lexan which helped the handling but I think I still need to move some weight to the front as it was very easy to pop wheelstands!