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Date of the Event: 07.29.2008Maifield & JConcepts Wins Nitro Fest / Worlds Warmup #2

Ryan Maifield TQ and Win
JC Double Cross, Front Tires, after 45 min Main and Win
Double Cross, Rear Tires, after 45 min A-Main, Ryan Maifield, TQ & Win!

Event: Nitro Fest / Worlds Warmup #2
Location: Charlotte, NC
Dates: July 18-20, 2008
Class: 1/8th Buggy

Summer 08 - Nitro Fest / Worlds Warmup #2 - 

Anticipation was in the air and the heavy competition was out for the last warm-up prior to this year's 1/8th Off-road IFMAR World Championship. The Farm 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina played host to this huge tune-up race for national and world competitors.  For a solid 2 days drivers tested and tuned morning to night with hopes of a world championship coming to them in September.  In the Pro 1/8th buggy class Ryan Maifield set the tone early on with a TQ run in the first round of qualifying.  Ryan chose the JConcepts Double Dee's in yellow compound to torch the competition.  Several drivers were reported stating that the Double Dee's appeared to be the quickest qualifying tire at the event and Ryan was definitely at an advantage over the competition. 

TQ would not be easily handed to Ryan as he had to earn the TQ position by out performing several world champions and heavy 08 favorites in the process. By round 4 of qualifying Ryan had locked it up by TQing 3 out of the 4 rounds and securing the best starting position available for the 45 minute main event.  Ryan was sitting firmly in front, placing his Reedy powered and JConcepts equipped Associated RC8 in the pole position.

The Farm 2 track is a challenge to say the least.  In brief, the roughly 200' x 200' foot print of the track makes depth perception, driver feel and confidence the largest factor in any result.  The track surface itself is also a very intriguing feature, about half the course has a grooved condition and the other half is mostly sand on top of hard packed clay.  The Farm 2 also features the sand pit which is basically a drop off into a sand box with a few sandy obstacles and rough sections.  To exit the sand box, the "jump out" lip at the end sends the vehicle air born with limited control.  Also featured at the Farm is a section completely grown in and taken over by grass.  Grass or turf tracks are non-existent in the United States but most drivers acclimated quite well by just pulling more throttle when the tires hit the green areas. :)  The Farm 2 track has it all and is well defined by saying that it is a prototypical 1/8th off-road track.  There are no shortcuts to victory at the Farm, a drivers' vehicle has to be well equipped, durable and provide consistent response and handling to endure a long main event in the lead group. 

Sunday - Around 11:30 am the Pro 1/8th buggy A-main drivers were introduced and the Farm 3 minute clock was on while drivers performed warm-ups.  A slight problem by one of the drivers delayed the start briefly but all drivers started on the clock.  Jumping out from the TQ position was Ryan Maifield with Ryan Cavalieri and Adam Drake following close behind.  From the beginning you could see the complete story as Maifield looked comfortable even at an advanced pace over the other drivers.  Ryan's buggy looked to have perfect balance for the grooved and sandy condition while maintaining an aggressivly fast pace.  Ryan pulled away from everyone while leading for almost the entire race.  Josh Wheeler briefly took the lead late in the race while Maifield made a "safe" extra pit stop.  Ryan quickly showed his speed by over taking Josh and pulling away to the finish line for a well deserved 45 minute A-main win.   Maifield's RC8 was completely equipped with JConcepts tires, wheels and accessories. 

A brief interview with Ryan had him glowing about his JConcepts equipped RC8 and tire choice for the final.  "I had all my JConcepts tires mounted and ready, but in the end I went with the tire I felt most comfortable with for 45 minutes and the tire I liked best in practice.  The Double Cross mounted on JConcepts Max-ups wheels performed exactly up to my expectations and even on the abrasive surface had plenty of tread left to go more.  I'm excited about the upcoming world championships and the world level JConcepts products and accessories."  

Brutal is no competition for JConcepts.

Products in focus:

0040 - Illuzion - RC8 - scoopless body
0113B - Illuzion - 1/8th Buggy/Truggy wing
3302 - Mono - 1/8th buggy wheel - Max-ups
3303 - Rulux - 1/8th buggy wheel
3007-00 - Double Dee's - yellow compound
3009-00 - Hit Men - yellow compound
3010-00 - Cross Hairs - yellow compound
3026-00 - Double Cross - yellow compound