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Date of the Event: 06.17.2008Florida State Series - Race 7

the new Double Cross tires
Double Cross tires and Max-Ups dish wheel combo
on the grid
JC tires in the Amain
Maxy running the JC Cross Hairs in the Amain
decked out in JC gear, includes Hit Men tires
JP runs JC
pic from qualifying

Event: Florida State Series round #7
Location: Daytona Beach, FL
Dates: June 14-15,2008
Class: Nitro off-road

Jconcepts token blog writer, and one HOT reporter.  AJR

After a quick day at the office on Friday (leaving at 5:00 IS a short  day for Jason and I) we loaded up the Jconcepts mobile - F150 and  trailer with AC (with major help from Andrew and staff).

A leisurely drive thru downtown Orlando in 6:00 rush hour really wasn't all that bad.

Arriving at the track to drop off the the trailer we were greeted by the usual supects and the guys who got to the track on Thursday or some  on Fri morning. I chatted it up with a few, listening to the typical 
highs and lows that come with nitro RC racing. Mike Jones calls it Gremlins. Gremlins in his engine, gremlins in his radio..... Etc. 
That's the way nitro goes unfortunately, I mean hey, Ryan Maifield,  pulled in to 2nd in the A-main at the Nats in Cali last week, was taking off on his new Double Crosses, working his way up to the leader... And runs out of gas. Seriously.

If these are gremlins are they Gizmo or Stripe?

We dropped off a few care packages to drivers that had placed orders  ahead of time.... Yes! JConcepts delivers!  :)
I can't tell you how many times we've met guys in the back of a dark  parking lot or alley to make a cash transaction when no on was  looking .... Ok, ok, its not that bad, but I do feel like a  "dealer"  when I meet people (KB) in front of Ruby Tuesdays.... At least the  parking lot is well lit.

Jay & J.P. Tironnen from So. Fla joined us for dinner after we  finished with our hellos and unhooking the trailer.

We ended up at Applebees, we weren't in the mood to really go out on a limb and hey, its close.

They shared with us some of what goes on in their part of the state,  and Jason filled them in on his experience at the buggy Nats last weekend. (see previous entry and above Maifield reference).
Later Jason and I counted, he has run the past 5 weekends in a row and spent a week in Cali. (6 out of 7 weekends)   That's a ton!
He used to race more granted, but its hard when you have so much on your plate at once.

We checked in to the hotel after dinner, we always use an alias now - days, crazy fans, can't be too careful. I signed in as Shannon Tweed this time, gotta mix it up.

Saturday was a scorcher. Had a little crew hanging out in our trailer with AC for a bit, obviously a couch and a flat screen would elevate our whole situation up a notch or two, but one thing at a time. First  things first - in my book - a coffee pot and a working restroom. Girls  don't use those outhouses. Track owners are obviously all men.

We had an icy cooler with sodas and water so there's a little bonus for anyone who bought from us over the weekend.

Back to racing:
J-Ro TQ'd the first round of 1/8 Expert buggy running Blue Hitmen.
Ryan Eckert picked up the TQ the next time around, get this, they were separated by .009 of a second.
Nick Angelides TQ'd gas truck, followed by JP taking the TQ in Round 2. Both were running Double Dee's.

The good news is, since it was over 90 degrees, & Jason only ran one class and there were only about 140 entries, so Jason and I were outta 
there by about quarter to 4.  Drove over to the beach side for dinner,  once the sun went down it was really nice outside actually, for June.

Sunday morning Jason left me at the hotel and he went to the track  first. He only entered the one buggy class and we knew he wouldn't run
until about 1pm or so.

He sent a driver to come fetch me after I checked out. The limo must  be in the shop as my chariot this morning was an S-10 driven by Matt Mosieur, but who's counting.

During the 30 min 1/8 Expert buggy main, Jason started #2 on the grid and was running the new Double Crosses. 5 of the 12 in the Amain were 
running JC tires.

Jason was doing well, he took the lead and was off. Double Crosses  laid down some fast laps, and they looked great after the 30 minute main too! But then Jason ran out of gas, flame out, game over. Thanks 
to the gremlins, Gizmo I think.

Nick started #1 on the grid with overall TQ, just ahead of JP, however they ended the main early due to rain and called JP as winner, Nick second, based on their position on track when the race was called.

Overall we had a good weekend, and relaxing since the second day in a row, we were out of there by 3.

Now the Boston / LA game later that night...... I don't feel that I am  rooting for the underdogs as some might say,  other than Kobe and Fischer and Phil who have a ton of rings between them - the rest of that team is also young and inexperienced. Ok well, Luke Walton has it in his blood, but still, KG and Pierce and Ray Allen deserve it. Rondo is doing awesome too, too bad Perkins hurt his shoulder - they say he is out for game 6 too.
I said when this series started that it was going to go to Game 7.

Go Boston!!!!  East Coast Rocx!