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Date of the Event: 04.28.2008ROAR 1/8th Fuel Truck Nationals in AZ

Event: ROAR 1/8th Fuel Truck Nationals
Location: Surprise, AZ
Dates: April 25-27 2008
Class: 1/10th truck, 1/8th truck and monster truck

One of the most booming classes for the past 2 years has been the 1/8th truck division.  Also known as truggy these trucks have become almost as famous as their counter parts the 1/8th buggies.  ROAR took note a year ago by purposely separating the buggy and truck nationals into 2 events.  However, truggy was not the only class available as the 1/10th gas truck and production monster truck class has also brought out the best the nation has to offer in those respective classes.  An interesting item of note is that Jared Tebo was gunning for his 5th consecutive ROAR National Championship in 1/10th gas truck.

Qualifying -

1/10th truck

Jared Tebo made quick work of the 1/10th scale truck class by taking the TQ.  Jared was shooting for his 5th ROAR National championship in one of his favorite classes.  Looking poised and prepared, Jared was going to be hard to beat in the A-main. 

1/8th truck

A 3-way battle emerged in the 1/8th truck class for TQ honors.  Jared Tebo, Ryan Maifield and Ryan Cavalieri each had a round TQ going into the last round of qualifying with Jared holding a slight advantage on a tie break situation.   Ryan Maifield TQ'ed the 2nd round of qualifying and held the overall 2nd fastest time of the event with 16 laps 10:18.085. In the end Jared Tebo edged out the competition and held on for the TQ position.  Ryan Maifield's truggy was in complete JConcepts attire with an Illuzion - Kyosho ST-RR body and Illuzion - high downforce wing (black) and complete set of Double Dee's tires in yellow compound.

Mains -

1/10th truck

TQ Jared Tebo jumped out early with Ryan Maifield making an early charge and challenging for the race lead.  Ryan led for the first 9 minutes until a flameout dropped him from inital contention.   Fighting back through the pack Ryan pulled in and regained his missing lap from the field and pulled up near 3rd place.  Jared Tebo remained out front with Mike Truhe just staying steady in 2nd.   Near the end of the race Maifield flamed out once again dropping him out of the top 3.  Jared Tebo remained clean and out front and in the end was just too much and pulled across the finish line for his 5th consecutive ROAR National Championship.

1/8th truck

From the beginning Jared Tebo looked to be in position to claim his first victory in the 1/8th truck class.  Around the mid way point of the race Jared encountered a problem sending his truck to the pit and ending his weekend early.   For the first half of the race Ryan Maifield laid low developing a steady rhythem necessary for 60 minute main events.  Seemingly out of nowhere, Ryan's truck looked impressive as he made his way from a messy 5th place all the way up to race lead.  Ryan continued to punish the competition as he threw down lap after lap.  Finishing 2 laps ahead of the competition Ryan drove an amazing race winning another ROAR National title.

Products in focus:

3006 - 1/10th truck Double Dee's
3011 - 1/8th truck Double Dee's
3012 - 1/8th truck Goose Bumps
3310 - 1/8th truck - Half-Ups (3.7") wheel - 1/2 offset
0027 - Illuzion - GT2 body
0030 - Illuzion - Mugen MBX5-T body
0049 - Illuzion - Kyosho ST-RR body
0113 - Illuzion - 1/8th buggy / truck wing
3201 - And-1 - 1/10th truck tire inserts