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Date of the Event: 04.27.2008Florida State Series - Nitro

Event: Florida State Series - Nitro
Location: Ocala, FL
Dates: April 12-13 2008
Class: 1/8th buggy, truck and 1/10th truck

Every year the Florida State Series makes its way to Ocala, FL for some explosive nitro racing.   Ocala may be best known for horse  stables, farm networking and industry but it is also home to some of the best racers in Florida and also one of the largest and fastest tracks around.

The Florida State Series has now been split into 2 series with the nitro and electric taking place on separate weekends.  Nitro now has the entire weekend to itself for a complete 2-day race. 

Rolling into the track Friday evening for practice we were greeted by an overwhelming amount of drivers ready for practice.  Pit trailers and motor homes lined the track and it was obvious drivers were serious about their racing and looking to take home the covented wins.

2003 IFMAR World Champion Billy Easton made his way out to represent Serpent and an upcoming 1/8th buggy project so competition was out in full force.  

Expert 1/8th buggy -

Billy Easton wasted little time showing his form by posting the fastest 11 lap run of the weekend in the 2nd round of qualifying and taking TQ Honors.  Jason Ruona posted the only other 11 lap run qualifying in the 2nd position.  The Ocala club maintained a very quick black groove surface which made for an extremely quick 2nd round.  Many drivers struggled with the Black groove surface which requires a very disaplined driving style and technique.  Billy and Jason seemed to have a handle on the difficult conditions and looked to be the favorites leading into the A-main.  Jason's tire of choice for the hot qualifer was the Double Dee's in blue compound. 

The sky opened up early in the morning and rain fell for about 15-20 minutes.  Jason's RC8 was poised and ready with a set of Hit Men in blue compound mounted onto the new (unreleased Mono - Maxups 1/8th buggy wheel).  Just before the A-main an electrical fire in Billy Easton's pit area completely damanged his electrical system in his 1/8th buggy taking him and his prototype out of contention early.  Jason Ruona also encountered a problem on the warmup laps forcing him out of the race.  Gene Hickerson took advantage early on and drove flawlessly on his way to a well deserved win.

1/10 gas truck -

Always a popular class on the state series is the 1/10th gas truck division.   1/10th gas trucks are easily the most simple of the nitro cars requiring very little engine, clutch and tuning adjustments.  The low volume of noise also makes the driver to pit crew communication much easier and seems to make the class somewhat relaxing to most drivers competing.

Current point series leader Ralph Walters made quick work of qualiying with his Associated GT2 by running super quick and smooth putting him into the TQ position.

The track was prepped and ready to go for the A-main and after a pile-up in the first few turns Juan Gasot, JP Tirronen and Jason Ruona emergged as the lead group. The 3 drivers exchanged the lead on mulitple occations with Jason Ruona eventually making his way to the front.  Jason pulled a comfortable 2-lap lead and cruised onto a well deserved win with his Associated GT2.  Jason's tire of choice for the entire 30 minute main were the 1/10th truck Double Dee's.

Products in focus:

3007 - 1/8th scale Double Dee's
3009 - 1/8th scale Hit Men
3010 - 1/8th scale Cross Hairs
3006 - 1/10th truck Double Dee's
0040 - Illuzion - RC8 body
0027 - Illuzion - GT2 body
3302 - Mono - Max-up buggy wheels
3303 - Rulux - 1/8th buggy wheels
0113 - Illuzion - 1/8th buggy wing