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Date of the Event: 04.25.20082008 New Zealand Nationals

2008 winner, Darren Johnston

Event: New Zealand Nationals
Location: Hastings, New Zealand
Dates: April 11-13 2008
Class: 1/10th 2wd, 4wd

Race Report: by Darren Johnston

Arriving at the Hawkes Bay location on the Friday Morning I found a very well prepared and fast looking track layout.  Knowing from past experience that the track becomes slippery and more difficult because of the elevation changes and off camber corners, tire selection and setup would be very critical.

Early Friday morning my vehicles seemed to be working well and I had reasonable confidence. However, I was looking to go faster and more grip is what I needed.  It wasn't until I tried the JConcepts Double Dees tires that I knew I had found the tires I wanted to use for the entire event.  I settled on the Double Dees front and rear on the B44 and the Double Dees rear and the Groovy tires up front on my B4.

In qualifying I was reasonably confident.  Immediately on the pace in 2WD Modified I sat in the #3 position.  In 4WD I was making too many mistakes and was near the bottom of the A main.

For the last round of qualifing I turned my attention to the 4wd class. Putting in a good run in the final round I moved up to 3rd place on the grid. After qualifing 3rd in both 2wd and 4wd I was looking forward to the A-finals.

Before the finals I made a conscious decision to really have a good look at the track as it was starting to break up and big holes were forming in places. I believe this made a big difference because in the finals of 4WD the car was great and I was able to put it exactly where I wanted avoiding the holes that had formed over time. Winning the first and second final in 4WD mod quite comfortably I wrapped up the 4wd championship.  This was extremely special considering I had been so close in the past in 4wd and had never pulled off the win. 

The Double Dee tires were great all weekend and just didn't wear at all. They were so good once I settled on them I never replaced the original tires all weekend.  I couldn't believe it. 

Products in focus:

JConcepts Racing Tires - Double Dee's
JConcepts Racing Tires - Groovy
Illuzion - RC10B4 front front wing
Illuzion - Scoopless RC10B4 body and wing
JConcepts - White ball cups
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