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Date of the Event: 08.20.2012South American Championships

Renato Tradardi Jr
Renato Sr

South American Championship 2012
Race Report By: Renato Tradardi Sr.

Renato Tradardi JR wins at South American Championships with JConcepts.
South American Championship was held in Bogota Colombia, from 15 to 19 August, by RC-Colombia Team.  The weather was around 10 to 19 degrees; the track was located at Tenjo an area localized at 2600 meters above sea level. It means the tune for the engines was quite difficult.

The 15 was a day of free practice, for Buggy and Truggy. It was a pretty good day testing tires and setting up the car, because the track was made in 55% of carpet; the traction was excessive. The next day was based on classifications for truggy; 4 rounds of which the top 3 were chosen. And controlled practice for buggy. Renato Jr had engine problems in the first three rounds; instead Renato Sr had problems in the first two rounds. Jr made the last round doing the TQ for that round and finishing at 7 position overall. Sr did his last 2 rounds well doing 3 as overall.

Day 17 held the classifications for buggy and was a break day for truggy. The weather this day was kind of bad, it rains for a while and the track was really wet. However Jr did the first two classifications in that conditions and leading in the TQ spot using his JConcepts – Crossbows. After the track was dry a little bit he used his JConcepts – Hybrids and continued leading in all the rounds, making the TQ as overall.

Day 18 Truggy finals, also for this day the weather did his thing and it rained for a while. Renato Sr and Renato Jr were in the same semifinal B, Sr at the 2nd spot and Jr at the 4th spot; making a well semifinal Jr did 1st and Sr did 2nd. In the overall Jr did 1st and Sr did 4th.

A 45 minutes final was led by Jr and Sr was in a constant fight for the 2nd and 3rd place between Miguel Villalobos, Adrian Castro and Felix Correa. After 27 minutes of running, another pilot crashed Renato Sr, breaking his direction servo, taking him out from the fight. After 45 minutes race Renato Tradardi Jr with his RC8T Team Associated, running with JConcepts Hybrids tires, and with a Bonito – Novarossi engine, took the win 3 laps over the second place.

Day 19 Buggy finals, the weather for this day was pretty good with the sun coming out, giving more grip to the track.

For the Semifinal the track was dry and traction was too much, however the semifinal was in a fight between Miguel Villalobos and Renato Tradardi Jr. Renato Jr had some problems with the engine, losing the tune of the engine so he did a few pits stop. Taking him into the second position in his semifinal and in 3rd position as an overall. For the final it start to rain a bit and was perfect to left the track with a perfect traction.

As its going to be a 1 hour final they decided to run with JConcepts Stackers tires.  From the beginning to the end of the race Renato Jr was the leader.  The tires chosen were a nice selection, making Renato’s car from the beginning until the end of the race with a perfect traction and tire life for a perfect performance in the race.   After 1 hour race Renato Tradardi Jr with his RC8.2 Team Associated, JConcepts – Stackers tires, and Bonito – Novarossi engine, took the win 3 laps over the second place.

Thanks for all the support: Team Associated, JConcepts, Novarossi, RT Racing Produtcs, RT Fuel.