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Date of the Event: 03.04.20122012 Chi-Town Shootout

2wd Modified
Root TQ

Event: 2012 Chi-Town Shootout
Dates: March 2-4, 2012
Track: Leisure Hours Raceway – Joliet, IL

Chad Due, Steven Hartson and Frank Root win big with JConcepts.

The 2012 Chi-Town Shootout was held this past weekend at Leisure Hours Raceway.  Top drivers were in attendance from all over the country making for some great racing and a combined 340 entries made this event a record breaking year.

4wd Modified Buggy had JConcepts/Associated driver Chad Due taking the overall TQ.   In the main, Chad had a slight bobble a couple laps into the race and that allowed JC/AE teammate Steven Hartson to get by.   Steven used brilliant driving and calm, consistent laps to take the win by small 2 second margin.    

In the 2wd Modified Buggy class, Chad Due started 5th but it wasn’t long before he was well in contention.    At the start of the A-main event, Castellano and Hartson got into each other right away letting Root and Horne battle it out for a couple laps in the lead position.    Root made a pass and led for several laps until he made a small mistake.   Horne and Due were on the move and after Root’s mistake they were now battling for the lead.   Due had a small bobble which put him back about a straight-away from Horne.   Mid-way through the race the battle for the lead really started to heat up.    Due charged up on Horne and applied some pressure and the leader made a small mistake.    Due took the lead where he relied on his experience and technique to finish the race off in style.   Chad Due crossed the line just before the 6 minute mark to finish on his own with a victory lap.

SCT Modified had JConcepts/TLR driver Frank Root TQ 3 for 3 taking the overall TQ in the class. Sitting on the pole in the main, Frank took his JConcepts equipped Losi XXX-SCT to the finish leading the entire race. Frank also took the overall TQ in Modified Truck but ended up taking second place after a battle with his TLR teammate Matt Castellano.

All 3 winning drivers relied on the JConcepts combination all weekend long.     Bar Codes in gold compound were the hot ticket for the changing conditions at Leisure Hours.    Congratulations is in order for the Chi-Town crew on a record turn-out and a great event.
JConcepts products used –
• 3016-05 Bar Codes gold compound (2wd rear)

• 3017-05 Bar Codes gold compound (2wd front)

• 3020-05 Bar Codes gold compound (4wd front)

• 3021-05 Bar Codes gold compound (1/10th truck)

• 3044-05 Bar Codes gold compound (SCT tire)

• 3049-05 Pressure Points gold compound (SCT tire)

• 0212 Finnisher +8mm B4.1 body

• 0213 Finnisher B44.1 body

• 0122 Hi-Clearance wing (B4.1 / B44.1)

• 2043M Advanced Formulated Tire Glue

• 2135 B4.1 front clamping hex adaptor

• 2091 B4.1 rear clamping hex adaptor

• 2076 – 8/32″ serrated wheel nuts

• 3347 and 3348 – Mono 12mm hex wheels

• 2089 4mm serrated wheel nuts

• Silent Speed Spur Gear for AE – 81, 84 and 87