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Date of the Event: 12.15.20112011 5th Annual JConcepts Clash

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Event: 2011 5th Annual JConcepts Clash
Date: December 9-11 , 2011
Location: Coral Springs Off-Road Club – Coral Springs, FL
Event Sponsors: JConcepts, Team Associated, Reedy, LRP, Futaba, OS and P1 Brand

Ryan Maifield takes 3 classes and Jorn Neumann wins 2 at 5th annual JConcepts Clash.  

The most unique R/C off-road event in the world held its 5th annual event in Coral Springs, FL on December 9-11, 2011.    Since 2007 The Clash by JConcepts has brought a one of a kind event to Florida that produces an experience like none other for competitors and manufacturers alike.    For the 2011 edition, drivers were greeted by an amazing track surface on Thursday’s practice session which produced the fastest lap-times down into the sub 23 second lap range.   

Coral Springs is an expanded circuit but with the hefty traction available and rhythm based layout drivers pushed the envelope consistently prompting even the highest praise from the best racers in attendance.    Arizona native Ryan Maifield, was quoted as saying – “this is insane, there is so much grip and speed I just want to keep running my buggy.  I think I was out there for 25 minutes.”   The track and race management crew were tremendous all weekend while announcer Nick “the suit” Black kept the pace going, the track crew filled in all the details necessary to outlast changing and unpredictable South Florida weather conditions.    If the track was dry, drivers were pulling wheelies, if it was wet, there was plenty of traction on the loose, fluffy dirt.  

Friday’s qualifying started with Zack Genova getting a great start to qualifying and recording TQ runs in both 2wd stock and truck classes.   In the Pro 2 stock class, Coral Springs club president Mike Applegate put in a terrific TQ run placing him at the top of the field.   Jorn Neumann from JConcepts / Durango put down a great run in 4wd modified with JConcepts / Team Associated driver Tanner Denney just a few seconds behind in 2nd.     In the 2wd modified class, JConcepts / Team Associated driver Jason Ruona put down a vintage run on the damp track to take a narrow TQ advantage over Ryan Maifield.   Brian Kinwald placed his T4.1 truck out front with a stellar TQ run of his own in the modified truck class.    

Friday night drivers were invited to the host hotel to take part in a casual social hosted by JConcepts.    For roughly 3 hours drivers gossiped, told stories and reflected on the first day of qualifying for the 5th annual Clash.  A light meal, drinks and the dry conditions inside the hotel were a welcome sight for racers recovering from the day’s events

On Saturday, Ryan Maifield took to the moist track conditions with ease by taking TQ in the SCT modified class with JR Mitch in 2nd.     Hupo Honigl, with his Durango, secured the TQ spot with a great run in the 4x4 Short Course class with the Dirtinator, Brian Kinwald, in 2nd.    1/8th e-buggy completed the electric qualifying and Jorn Neumann once again placed his Durango at the top of the field to take one of the quickest overall runs of the day. 

Qualifying picked up in the nitro 1/8th buggy and truck classes.   Walter Cruz took a narrow top qualifying run in the Sportsman 1/8th truck class over Mike Santana.     Jader Lopez found his rhythm in the 1/8th expert truck class taking the only 12 lap run during the first round of qualifying in that class.     Rick Bender had a great run in the 1/8th buggy Sportsman class taking TQ.  Serpent driver Billy Easton ran a super quick 12 lap run taking the TQ in the 1/8th expert buggy class.   

Saturday evening arrived with clear weather in the radar and the race management crew pushed on and ran a total of 11 main events bumping 2 drivers in each main as everyone’s goals remained to make the big show on Sunday.    Saturday night finished as scheduled and while racers retreated back to the hotel, the track maintenance crew prepped for Sunday morning.

Sunday – A-mains (Electric)

Sunday started with the track crew pulling off the tarp on the track while the racers focused on main event day.   Bump-ups continued as Nick Black ran a flawless program shuffling and bumping drivers on their way up the ladder into the A-main events. 

In the first A-main of the day Zack Genova took off from the TQ position in the 2wd stock class and left a trail behind him while he blistered the track.   Daimon Borkowitz maintained 2nd place after a small battle early in the race.   Mark Smyka worked his way into a podium position after a lap after lap battle against Mike Applegate and Kory Ferguson.   The final finishing order was Zack Genova 1st, Daimon Borkowitz 2nd and Mark Smyka 3rd.       Zack’s B4.1 was equipped with the Double Dees, Rips tire combination mounted on Mono 12mm hex wheels and topped off with a Kustom RC Graphics painted Finnisher body and Hi-Clearance rear wing. 

Stock truck A-main was immediately up next and after a great run in buggy, Zack Genova maintained his cool after a lengthy crash at the beginning and recovered to take the lead once again.  Dave Duncan had his T4.1 truck working extremely well and hung in there keeping Zack honest in 2nd place throughout the 8 minute main.   Tim Moon, the crafty veteran racer, drove consistent and moved into 3rd place.    The finishing order was Zack Genova 1st, Dave Duncan 2nd and Tim Moon 3rd.    Zack paced the field with the Double Dees and Carver’s tire combination topped off with Punisher T4.1 body with his concours winning “Halloween” paint job. 

Jorn Neumann lined up his Durango buggy into the TQ position for the start of the 4wd modified A-main.    At the tone Neumann blasted out front with Hupo Honigl 2nd and Jason Ruona 3rd.   A mistake by Ruona allowed Tanner Denney to get back into the race passing Hupo for 2nd place.    While Jorn was out front and cruising, the 2nd – 5th place drivers exchanged positions numerous times with Ruona taking over 3rd place and now in the hunt for 2nd.    Paul Sinclair with his X-Factory X7 buggy quietly made an impact, getting past Hupo Honigl and sitting in 4th place ready for a mistake by Denney or Ruona to take a podium position.      On the back double jump Ruona flat landed too hard and broke the vehicle allowing Tanner an easy 2nd place and moving Paul Sinclair into the 3rd place position.     Finishing order was Jorn Neumann in 1st place,  Tanner Denney 2nd and Paul Sinclair 3rd.   Jorn’s tire of choice on the Durango was the JConcepts Double Dees in green compound which provided the winning grip.
In the Pro 2 Stock A-main, TQ Mike Applegate used a great start to lead for several laps.   A slight rain started to fall on the racing surface making the track more slippery which shuffled the order, allowing Glenn Worthington to take the lead.   Glenn used smooth driving on the slippery track to hold an edge over Applegate and young Daimon Borkowitz who were in a battle of their own.   Daimon made a move on Applegate and charged into the lead showing a lot of maturity on the track.    At the finish it was Daimon Borkowitz in 1st place, Mike Applegate 2nd and Glenn Worthington 3rd.     Daimon’s SC10 Factory Team outfitted with the new JConcepts Pressure Points tire in green compound, on Hazard wheels and topped off with Hi-Flow body was on point all weekend.

The 2wd modified drivers took the track with TQ Jason Ruona sitting out front.   Ruona led the parade of B4.1 buggies through the first several corners until Ryan Maifield made his move coming down the hill on the triple section.    Just like that, Maifield was in the lead with Ruona 2nd and JR Mitch moving quickly into 3rd.     Maifield looked comfortable and consistent through the first several laps with Mitch in 2nd.   Ruona was forced to retire after breakage on the 2nd lap, which allowed 3rd-6th place to pack-up into a freight-train around the wet track surface. Mitch did his best to keep pace with Maifield but a stretch of low 28 second laps by Maifield increased his margin over the quick Florida driver giving him a slightly comfortable lead.  JR put down some solid laps of his own toward the end of the race getting within 2 seconds of the Maifield.    At the finish line, Ryan Maifield took his first win of the day followed by JR Mitch in 2nd and a great drive by Leon McIntosh to finish 3rd.     Ryan Maifield equipped his B4.1 factory team with Finnisher body, Hi-Clearance wing,  Double Dees front and prototype 3Ds rear tires mounted on Mono 12mm hex wheels.

The modified truck drivers with TQ Brian Kinwald took the track for the single 8 minute A-main.      The “Dirtinator” led the field around, increasing his lead each lap with a conservative yet quick pace.   Caleb O’Hara maintained his 2nd place position very well and the top 3 were somewhat spread out for most of the race.   Jader Lopez worked his way up throughout the race to the 3rd position.     Crossing the finish line Brian Kinwald took another well deserved win, Caleb O’Hara 2nd and Jader Lopez 3rd.      The Dirtinator used the Flip Outs tire combination front and rear and topped off his T4.1 winning truck with a Punisher body.

The Short Course modified class took the track for another single event A-main with ROAR National Champion Ryan Maifield sitting on TQ.     JR Mitch made it a 2-truck race once again matching Maifield lap after lap driving anywhere he could to gain the traction necessary to stay in the hunt.    A mistake by Maifield over the double jump allowed Mitch to gain some ground and making an excellent pass in the 2 corners before the straight-away.    Maifield stayed poised with his SC10 Factory Team looking for options to regain the lead.    With just under 2 laps to go, Maifield set-up and executed a great pass on the triple coming down the hill making the pass stick on the exit turn.    With the crowd in shock, Maifield finished off the last lap in style taking his 2nd victory of the day.    JR Mitch finished a great and exciting main in 2nd place while Ryan Eckert stayed smooth and consistent and finished 3rd.      Ryan’s winning vehicle was gripping the dirt with Pressure Points tires in green compound mounted on Hazard wheels and topped off with the Hi-Flow body. 

The fastest vehicles on the track, the 1/8th e-buggy class checked in and were ready.    TQ Jorn Neumann took the quick start and maintained a smooth and steady pace out front.    Jason Ruona made his way quickly into 2nd place and hunted down Jorn who maintained the lead.    Ruona made a move on lap 7 and took the lead over Jorn much to the delight of the home based crowd.   Jorn made a race of it and maneuvered his way through traffic a little better than Ruona and regained the lead.     With Jorn back out in the lead, Ruona and Honigl exchanged positions throughout the remaining laps jostling for position.    The top 3 drivers made the last lap and Honigl and Ruona tangled on the triple coming down the hill.   Ruona was out after an apparent Lipo cut-off on the last lap handing 2nd place to Hupo.     The final results were Jorn Neumann taking a well deserved 1st place, Hupo Honigl 2nd and Jason Ruona 3rd.      Jorn utilized the Hi-Flow body for the Durango and Hybrids tire in green compound for the ultimate A-main performance.

The 4x4 Short Course class was all Hupo Honigl.    After starting from TQ, Hupo driving the Durango was briefly challenged by Jorn but after a problem sidelined Jorn, Hupo was able to stretch the lead.    Brian Kinwald driving the SC10 4x4 settled into 2nd place keeping an honest distance to the leader.     The battle for 3rd raged on between Gary Mazur, Felix Law and Sean Kersten.    At the finish line Hupo Honigl took first place, Brian Kinwald 2nd and Gary Mazur 3rd. 

Sunday – A-mains (Nitro)

The 1/8th trucks were fired up and ready to hit the track.   First up was the 1/8th truck sportsman A-main with TQ Walter Cruz taking full advantage and getting an early lead on the competition.    Mikko Trott started in the 3rd position but by lap 14 made his way into 2nd place and was looking for the leader.     Nearing the end of the 30 minute main, Mikko had made up serious distance and now was all over the back of Walter who quickly needed to regain his composure.    Walter settled down and the 2 leaders switched positions many times on the last several laps until Walter made a move which stuck and gave him the victory.    The finishing results, Walter Cruz took 1st place, Mikko Trott 2nd and Javier Gonzalez 3rd.     Walter Cruz and Mikko Trott relied on the JConcepts Hybrids in green compound to tame the slick groove conditions. 

Jader Lopez with his Kyosho lined up in the TQ position for the 1/8th expert truck A-main with Jason Smith sitting in 2nd.      Jason quickly found his way to the front of the field brilliantly working his JConcepts equipped Losi 8ight-T around the track.    Serpent driver Billy Easton made his way into 2nd and looked to be on the move with his sights set on getting into the lead.     Billy worked the traffic with ease and took the lead near the first pit stop.     Consistency and speed was the difference as Billy Easton increased the lead and took a well deserved win after 30 minutes.   Jason Smith finished second and Kurt Kellum 3rd.  

Sportsman 1/8th buggy A-main quickly took the track.    Nick Black made a small driver introduction and the drivers were off.    Rick Bender, the TQ, led drivers around the track for the opening laps but encountered a problem forcing him out of the race.  Mikko Trott worked his way up into 2nd place and eventually the lead, and he was cruising.    Mikko, having just run in the 1/8th truck A-main, looked flawless and poured on the power with his Kyosho MP9 buggy.   Javier Gonzalez paced Mikko throughout, but it wasn’t enough.  Taking the victory with 61 laps, Mikko took 1st place, Javier Gonzalez finished 2nd and Franco Rizzo 3rd.    Mikko paced all drivers using the Hybrids in super soft Green compound.

The sun started to set in South Florida but the track remained relatively warm as the 1/8th expert buggy drivers hit the track.    The last race of the day began with TQ Billy Easton leading the start of the main with Ryan Maifield hot on this heels.   Ryan appeared patient knowing his speed and followed extremely close to Easton.    Billy made an uncharacteristic mistake on lap 3 and Maifield capitalized quickly.     JR Mitch quickly picked up the 2nd position and was determined to get up front.   However, with almost no sun on the racing surface, Maifield clicked off a series of low 26 second laps and increasing the lead.      JR was the first to pit around the 7:30 minute mark and Maifield stayed out, stretching the legs on his RC8.2 for another 3-4 laps pitting around the 9 minute point.      Back in the 3rd-6th positions, the race was tight between Jason Smith, Chad Phillips, Tanner Denney and Ryan Eckert.    Jason Smith emerged in 3rd and looked comfortable until an unfortunate incident with pit lane broke the rear suspension knocking him out of competition.    Chad Phillips quickly picked up the 3rd position which he never relinquished.    Out front, Maifield was powering through another pit-stop courtesy of the John Piant / Chris Denney combination, extending the lead.     Finishing the 30 minute main in style, Ryan Maifield took his 3rd victory of the day with JR Mitch finishing 2nd and Chad Phillips in 3rd.     Ryan Maifield chose the popular combination of Hybrids tires in green compound, Punisher body and Illuzion HD rear wing to wrap up a very successful weekend. 

Drivers were awarded at the ceremony, the Cash at the Clash, with the winners in each class walking away with a pay-day.   The 5th annual Clash was an event to remember, a very special thank you to the event sponsors, Futaba, OS Engines, Team Associated, Reedy, LRP and P1 Brand;  the Coral Springs track crew, announcer Nick Black and the JConcepts Events staff on another great event.     Already looking forward to the 6th annual event.

JConcepts products used –


·         3002-02 Double Dees

·         3003-02 Double Dees

·         3054-02 Rips green compound

·         3043-02 SCT Double Dees green compound

·         3049-02 Pressure Points green compound

·         3048-02 Hybrids green compound – 1/8th buggy

·         3045-02 Hybrids green compound – 1/8th truck

·         3202 – Mono 1/8th buggy wheels

·         3334 – Elevated 1/8th truck wheels

·         0212 Finnisher +8mm B4.1 body

·         0213 Finnisher +8mm B44.1 body

·         0122 Hi-Clearance wing

·         0216 Punisher T4.1 body

·         0222 Hi-Flow SCT body

·         0113B – Illuzion 1/8th HD rear wing

·         0218 – Punisher RC8.2 body

·         0060-1 Punisher RC8T-CE body

·         3206-2 Profiled closed cell inserts

·         3217-1 Profiled closed cell SCT inserts

·         2043M Advanced Formulated Tire Glue

·         2134 SC10 front clamping hex adaptor

·         2135 B4.1 front clamping hex adaptor

·         2081 12mm SCT hex adaptor

·         2091 B4.1 rear clamping hex adaptor

·         3347 – Mono 12mm hex B4.1 front wheel

·         3348 – Mono 12mm hex B4.1 rear wheel

·         3344B Hazard +3mm 12mm hex SCT wheel

·         2073 – 1/8th serrated wheel nuts

·         2076 - 8/32" serrated wheel nuts

·         3347 and 3348 – Mono 12mm hex wheels

·         2089 4mm serrated wheel nuts

·         Silent Speed Spur Gear 81, 84 and 87