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Date of the Event: 09.06.20112011 Short Course Nationals

Event: 2011 Short Course Nationals
Date: August 27-28th , 2011
Location: RC Madness – Enfield, CT

Scott Brown and Billy Fischer win with JConcepts at 2011 Short Course Nationals at RC Madness.

RC Madness in Enfield, CT is the designated host for the annual Short Course Nationals.   The 3rd annual event brought out many of the best drivers in the East along with drivers coming in from as far as Arizona and Washington.    Changing conditions were a major factor because of Hurricane Irene traveling up the east coast of the United States.   Friday’s open practice session was in clear weather as drivers tuned their Short Course trucks to the track’s conditions.   

Saturday morning started early and JConcepts / Team Associated driver Scott Brown got off to a terrific start.    1/8th SCT was up first and Scott quickly saw the track conditions drying and quickly went to Subcultures in green compound on the SC8.   “Brownie” put down a terrific TQ run with the SC8-E which would not be touched by anyone. 

The track continued to dry and the JConcepts drivers had the tire selection to stay ahead of the changing track conditions.   The 1/10th 4x4 Short Course class was up next and JConcepts / Durango driver Billy Fischer put in a great run taking the TQ over Scott Brown.   Billy, chose the Double Dees in green compound while Scott ran Subcultures.

Slight rain started to fall as the 2wd modified Short Course trucks hit the track.  The track was now slightly wet and had good traction, the 2wd drivers were loving every minute of the extra grip.   Scott Brown was prepared well in advance, with a set of the Goose Bumps in green compound, Scott blistered the track setting the TQ by 12 seconds capping off a 2 class, TQ day for “Brownie”. 

Hurricane Irene hovered over Enfield and racing for the day was completely finished.   Upon further review it was determined to finalize the event using the qualifying results from the first round of qualifying.    Scott Brown and Billy Fischer were awarded 1st place in 2wd modified Short Course, 1/8th 4x4 Short Course and 1/10th 4x4 Short Course respectively.    

Congratulations to all the winners and the RC Madness crew on the 3rd annual event.

Victorious JConcepts product  –


* Ford Raptor #0215 body
* Subcultures #3042-02 tires
* Double Dees #3043-02 tires
* Goose Bumps #3041-02 tires
* Profiled closed cell inserts
* Rulux 12mm hex wheels
* Hazard 12mm +3mm offset hex wheels
* Advanced Formulated Tire Glue
* 8/32” serrated wheel nuts
* 4mm serrated wheel nuts