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Date of the Event: 10.24.2009Piston Cup Challenge

Race: Piston Cup Challenge
Date: Oct 24, 2009
Race Reporter: Pettit, Melton

The Second Annual Piston Cup Challenge was help at the 588 Raceway in Tabor City, North Carolina on October 24th. The motocross style designed track by Eric Hannah, in combination with a loamy sandy based surface, provided a consistently changing racetrack offering a true off road challenge. The Piston Cup Challenge is a race heralded by the awesome throphies and well ran event by the Hannah family.

  It was a total JConcepts sweep for the top qualifying positions with Grady Jefferies in Sportsman Buggy, Anthony Saunders in Intermediate Buggy, Barry Pettit in Truggy, and Barry Pettit in Pro Buggy all on JConcept tires and TQ'ing.  Also running strong were JConcepts drivers Brandon Melton qualifying 3rd and Chris Pace qualifying 6th. The blue compound Cross Bows and Crow Bars for the buggies, along with the Cross Hairs for the truggies, provided a solid bite throughout the entire track. 

Sportsman Buggy was won by Chuck Tutt with Matthew Evans (2nd) and Grady Jefferies (3rd) in hot persuit. Intermediate Buggy was won by Collin Hannah with Anthony Saunders in second and Bruce Higdon in Third. 

Pro Truggy was won by Barry Pettit (Mugen), with Josh Hollifield (Mugen) in second and Mike Kendall (Losi) in third. Pettit led from start to finish with blue compound Cross Hairs, Rulux wheels, and the JConcepts Illusion body. Tire wear was minimal and the blue compound provide grip in the loam as well as in the hard packed surfaces.

Pro Buggy was won by Brandon Melton (Associated), with Barry Pettit (Mugen) in second and Bob Patsel (Losi) in third. Early on, Travis Dupree grabbed the lead and set out to an early pace. This led to Pettit and Melton swapping second place back and forth playing cat and mouse. Once the two settled in, they began to reel in Dupree, who made a few mistakes out front. It became a three way race for 1st, but an early exit from Dupree left Melton out front and Pettit in 2nd, which is how it would end up. Melton and Pettit were both on JConcept tires, with Melton on Goose Bumps and Pettit with the Crow Bow combination. Both tire choices worked well and provided consistent traction throughout the entire main event. 

Next year the 3rd annual event promises to be another fun and challenging event.