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Date of the Event: 07.01.20092009 Nitro X Queensland Nitro Off Road State Championships

Event: 2009 Nitro X Queensland Nitro Off Road State Championships
Race Report Submitted by: Matt Griffin

This years edition of the Queensland championships was held in Townsville up in Northern Queensland. We were greeted with some awesome weather when we arrived, about 25C degrees and sunny most days, much better than the 3 degrees and rain which I left behind at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne.
The track surface consisted of hard packed clay and granite, which was periodically watered.  There were plenty of awesome jumps and combination sections on this track, very technical. We need more tracks like this in Australia.

The track would start to groove up,  get watered, and the process would start again. We soon realized we had not bought enough soft tyres, but we both decided to go out on blue cross bows when it was wet. Maybe Crow Bars or Crow Bows would have been better, but this is what we had so we went with it.
When the track was drying out and grooving up, the crow bow combination worked really well, but we only had this combination available in Yellow compound.
Initially we were working towards a tyre that would work over the long distance races. At the end of qualifying I decided to go against the grain of what everyone was running and try a Double D, which worked quite well in the end.

After Friday qualifying Kyle had provisional pole after some good runs which gave him two end of round TQs. I was languishing down the order a little bit with two DNFs, but with a TQ in the last round on Friday I knew a good run Saturday morning would almost give me top spot.

For some of his runs Kyle used blue Cross hairs, these seemed to work quite well as the track was going from wet to dry. For my last run I used Double Dee’s in Blue compound. They worked very well and was enough to give me TQ for the round. When the points were tallied, I ended up with the overall TQ, with Kyle a very close second.
SO a Jconcepts 1-2 at the end of qualifying, things were looking good for the final.
Both Kyle and I got through our Semis without any problems. For the semi I used Yellow compound Crow Bows. I got minimal tyre wear from this combination and really good grip, so I chose that for the final. Kyle ran Cross bows in the Semi and Crow Bars in the final.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be in the final. I screwed up my first lap and got stuck in the traffic, which allowed the eventual race leader Jason Dyckhoff to sail off into the sunset. Kyle had a race long battle for 3rd which he was going to win, only to be denied by a stripped clutch bell.

I managed to recover to finish second, about 20 seconds or so adrift from the leader.

To dominate qualifying was really good, considering Kyle and myself were both short of blue compound tyres. Nobodies fault here for this, we were just informed they would not be required therefore saved the excess baggage, which always comes into when you fly into a race.
Bit of a shame about the main, but that’s racing.

See you at the races.
Matt Griffin