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Date of the Event: 08.28.2007ROAR Fuel Truck Nationals

Tebo - GT Record National Champ Winner
Maifield's truck with Goosebumps

Event: 2007 ROAR 1/8th Off-Road Fuel Truck Nationals
Location: Charlotte, NC
Dates: July 17–19th, 2007

Summertime – ROAR Off-Road Fuel Truck Nationals:

1/8th fuel off-road is furious. The premier event in the United States for nitro trucks is the ROAR Off-Road Fuel Truck Nationals. This year's event was held at the Farm2 track in Charlotte, NC.  The Farm2 is also hosting the IFMAR World Championships in 2008 so all major teams were represented and competition was fierce.

The Farm2 track is extremely large with a mixed surface consisting of grooved, broken and sand sections.  With lap times in the 40’s, driver concentration and depth perception was very critical.  Set-up, tire choice and condition were crucial to success.

1/10th Nitro Truck -

In 1/10th nitro truck class Jared Tebo put down his fastest run of the weekend in round 2 of qualifying.  Jared powered his Associated GT2 truck around the track in this blistering run with the JConcepts Double Dee’s tires.   Jared qualified 2nd overall in the A-main and was looking strong heading into the 45 minute A-main event.  

Jared, a 3-time 1/10th nitro truck champion, was driving for a ROAR Nationals record.  With near flawless driving Jared appeared to be on a mission.   Lap after lap Jared managed to put distance between himself and second place.  Jared could do no wrong on his way to a record 4th consecutive ROAR 1/10th Nitro Truck National Championship. 

Top 3 -

1st – Jared Tebo
2nd – Ryan Cavalieri
3rd – Ryan Maifield

1/8th truck -

The 1/8th truck class at the national championships was beyond intense.  All the major teams represented battled it out for TQ glory throughout qualifying.  Ryan Maifield rose more than just a few eyebrows with his performance driving his Thunder Tiger 1/8th truck.  They said it couldn’t be done but Ryan was “getting it done” using the JConcepts Goose Bumps tires against the best of the best in the A – qualifier. 

In round 4 Ryan was simply amazing. In a very difficult section of the track that was meant for a low speed double, double, double racing line, Ryan turned this section into a Bonsai triple; triple bringing on cheers and respect from competitors and spectators surrounding the track.  

Click here to see the Ryan Maifield Qualifying video on YouTube

In the A-main it was TQ Ryan Lutz out front from the early going.  Lutz was consistently challenged by Taylor James, Kody King and Ryan Maifield.   The top 3 exchanged the lead on several occasions with 4th place Ryan Mafield making up ground fast.  

Just as Maifield approached the lead pack a wheel hub came loose forcing him back to the pits for a repair.   This made it a 3 way battle between Lutz, James and King.   Taylor James’s brilliant driving eventually wore down the rest of the field as he claimed the 2007 ROAR 1/8th Truck National Championship.

Top 3 -

1st – Taylor James
2nd – Ryan Lutz
3rd – Kody King

JConcepts products in focus –

0027 – Illuzion – GT2 body
0030 – Illuzion – MBX5T body
0113B – Illuzion- 1/8th buggy/truck wing
3006 - Double Dee's 1/10th truck tire
3011 – Double Dee’s 1/8th truck tire
3012 – Goose Bumps 1/8th truck tire
3309 – Rulux – 1/8th truck wheel – standard offset