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Date of the Event: 04.18.2009JConcepts WINS at Round 5 of the Florida State Series

April 18th-19th
Race Reporter: Andrew Moore

The FSORS season has now crossed the halfway mark and rolled into 555 Raceway this past weekend. Even with several other events going on in central Florida, the race nearly 140 entries. This track is known for brutal conditions, and often blows out badly when a larger event comes to town. The track crew did an excellent job of keeping the surface together with only minor issues throughout the weekend.
The Florida sun and strong entry count helped to lay down a great groove and soon racers were switching to harder compound tires. Saturday started qualifying and it was apparent that the track had seen a significant amount on water, with dew on top of that. The first round began a little slick and damp, but the sun soon dried the loam off and the track was full blue groove from then on.
In 1/8th Pro Buggy JConcepts JR Mitch missed TQ for the round by less than 2 seconds to Easton. The 1/8th Sportsman TQ was taken by Jay Johnson running JConcepts gear as well. Gas Truck and 1/8th Pro Truck were both TQ’d by drivers on JConcepts rubber, Nick Angelides and JR Mitch respectively. The track had hardened well and rubbered in so the Sunday was sure to contain some awesome races. The track was in pristine shape by the time the lower mains had finished and the A’s were ready to begin.
The 1/8th Pro Buggy class proved to provide one of the best battles of the weekend between Mitch and Easton. They stayed within several second of each other for the first 15 minutes of the race, JR ended up with some motor issues and flamed, falling down the order. He put on a hard charge, and by the end of the race was back to 3rd.
The 1/8th Pro Truck race was all JR though as he left the field behind from this TQ starting position. By the end of the race he had lapped up to 2nd place, with JConcepts’ Nathan Wincek finishing 3rd. Gas Truck TQ man Angelides had issues mid-race and conceded the win to JConcepts’ JP Tirronen who cruised to victory.