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Date of the Event: 02.24.2009JConcepts Wins at the Rumble

Event: The 14th Annual Rumble in the Rockies
Location: MHOR R/C Raceway (Denver, Colorado)
Dates: February 6-8, 2009
Classes: 2w Mod, Truck Mod, 4w Mod
Race Reporter: Kody Numendahl

The much awaited Rumble in the Rockies made its 14th debut with another sellout. With close to 200 entries and drivers from many states including South Dakota, Washington, Kansas, and of course Colorado. Big names in attendance included Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers, Scott Brown, Kody Numedahl, and Adrian Redding.

As qualifying rolled around the tire game was in full affect. The first round of qualifying saw Kody Numedahl TQ'ing 2 of the 3 classes on JConcepts Gold Bar Codes. Scott Brown and Adrian Redding also ran JConcepts Barcodes on all three of their vehicles. Qualifying proved to be a game of perfect tire selection and the Bar Codes held their own from the wet track early in the morning until the high traction at the end of the day. After qualifying was over, the mains saw an overwhelming bias towards Bar Codes with over half of the drivers in each class running them. Kody Numedahl would start 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd on the grid in truck, 4WD, and buggy respectively with Brown and Redding close behind. T.J. Heid also proved successful with Gold Bar Codes by securing the TQ spot in the highly contested superstock buggy class.
As the mains began, the track had a high traction groove surrounded by an area of very low traction. Modified buggy was a close battle all of the way through. Kody Numedahl won A-1 but fell short in A-3 by making a small bobble while in the lead. This allowed Dustin Evans to take the win by a small margin. Scott Brown finished in close 4th. Kody sealed up 4WD quickly, winning the first two mains. Scott and Adrian finished with a respectable 4th and 5th. Modified truck also came down to a third main with Matt Chambers just edging out Scott Brown for the win. Kody Numedahl finished 4th and Adrian finished in 6th. T.J. Heid took advantage of his TQ position by winning the first two A-Mains of superstock buggy.

The drivers made no tire changes throughout the weekend. No tire sauce was required on the barcodes which made for a very consistent feel. This was a great showing for the new JConcepts 1/10th scale indoor tires.