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First Illuzion B4 body
First Illuzion B4 body
Protoype BJ4
Prototype BJ4
Rod Rippee
Rod Rippee, 2004 ROAR Stock National TQ and Champion
2004 ROAR Stock National TQ and Champion
Ryan Maifield
Ryan Maifield, 2005 4wd Cactus Classic TQ and Champion
2005 4wd Cactus Classic TQ and Champion
 2005 IFMAR World Champion
2005 IFMAR World Champion
Ruona and Reelfs
Ruona and Reelfs with 2005 IFMAR Worlds JConcepts BJ4 A-Main
with 2005 IFMAR Worlds A-Main BJ4 Drivers
Ryan Maifeld
Ryan Maifeld, 2005 IFMAR Worlds TQ
2005 IFMAR Worlds TQ
Ryan Cavalieri
Ryan Cavalieri leading the World's A Finals
Leading the World's A Finals
Jared Tebo
Jared Tebo, 2006 ROAR Modified National TQ and Champion
2006 ROAR Modified National TQ and Champion
Peter Pinisch
2006 4wd European Champion, Peter Pinisch
2006 4wd European Champion
Double Dee's Unleashed, 2007 Nitro Challenge
Double Dee's Unleashed, 2007 Nitro Challenge
Ryan Maifield
Ryan Maifield, 2007 Nitro Challenge Champion
2007 Nitro Challenge Champion

JConcepts is a Florida-based R/C design and manufacturing company. Owner and president, Jason Ruona, has been involved with Radio Control cars since the 1980's. Early beginnings include building and driving such vehicles as the Tamiya Clod Buster, the Team Losi JRX-T and Associated RC10 and RC10T. The 1990's were spent as a Team Associated travel team driver racing at events all around the world. Now, decades later, Ruona is proudly selling quality kits, bodies, tires and accessories to R/C racers around the world.

Ruona debuted the first body in the Illuzion line of race bodies at the 2003 IFMAR World Championship in Clearwater, FL, and placed in the A-Main with his RC10B4 fitted with an Illuzion body. Also in 2003, Ruona and Brad Reelfs designed and built the BJ4, the company's first 4 wheel drive electric car for the IFMAR World Championship in Clearwater. Ruona finished 13th overall in 4wd with this new car.

Initially, intended only as a prototype for the World Championships the BJ4 was never intended as a production car. However, as hype surrounding this prototype developed it became apparent that the BJ4 had to become a production reality. A preorder list was created on the JConcepts website and the anticipation began.

In July of 2004, JConcepts released a small production run of 40 BJ4 kits to customers waiting on the preorder list. Receiving their kits just a few weeks before the event, Rod Rippee and Chris Baumgartner placed 1st and 3rd respectively in the 4wd stock class giving JConcepts their first ROAR National Championship.

Early 2005 was a remarkable time for JConcepts. Ryan Maifield, driving the original BJ4, TQ'd and won the prestigious Cactus Classic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Driving the original BJ4 Maifield also TQ'd the ROAR Modified Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut. Jared Tebo continued to rack up victories with the Illuzion bodies at races such as the Nitro Challenge, Silver State Nitro Challenge, Cactus Classic and ROAR Modified Nationals.

Just as the original BJ4 was hitting its stride the IFMAR World Championships was approaching once again. Prior to the event, a successor to the original BJ4 hit the drawing board. Utilizing a warm-up trip to Italy to confirm suspicions, the BJ4 Worlds Edition started to take shape.

Late 2005, Ruona and Reelfs celebrated the highest victory of all and took home top honors at the 2005 IFMAR Off-road World Championships in Collegno, Italy. Ryan Cavalieri won A-main number 1 and 2 to take the overall IFMAR World Championship win for JConcepts with his BJ4 Worlds Edition Car. Ryan Maifield, also driving the BJ4 Worlds Edition Car, TQ'd the 4wd modified class and finished in 3rd place overall. Craig Drescher also finished a strong 7th place with his BJ4 Worlds Edition Car. In the 2wd modified class, 7 of the top 10 drivers in the A-main were running a JConcepts Illuzion body on their car.

Early 2006 showed complete dominance for the BJ4 Worlds Edition. Jared Tebo picked up the TQ and win at the Cactus Classic in Scottsdale, AZ. Jared led a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sweep of the 4wd modified class for the BJ4 Worlds Edition.

During the summer of 2006 Ryan Cavalieri was in World Champion form as he picked up a TQ and a win at the prestigious Hot Rod Shootout in Saugus, CA. Jared Tebo responded at the ROAR Modified Nationals picking up the TQ in all 4 rounds of qualifying as well 1st place in A-main number 1 and 2 to secure the 2006 ROAR Modified National Championship for the BJ4 Worlds Edition. Yet again, Jared led a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sweep of the 4wd modified class for JConcepts.

Also in the summer of 2006, Peter Pinisch TQ'd and won the European Championships. Peter's performance at the Euros showed the versatility and international competitive nature of the BJ4 Worlds Edition as the event was run on a track surface made up of a combination of Astro Turf and dirt.

Late 2006 showed many new innovative products for JConcepts, as several new products were introduced. The injected molded Illuzion ' 1/8th buggy and truggy wing was introduced for 1/8th buggies and trucks. Innovative design elements include Illuzionized center flow with durable through-rib design and recessed side dams for extra decal protection.

In 2007, the JConcepts Racing Tires made their debut at the 2007 Nitro Challenge in Surprise, AZ. In the hotly contested 45 minute A-main event, Ryan Maifield made it a debut to remember by winning the Pro Gas Truck class A-main with his Associated GT2 running on JConcepts "Double Dees" tires in Sticky Green Compound.

Although, the first major event for these tires, they had been under development for nearly a year making cameo appearances as Jason Ruona used them in victories at state and regional level events held in Florida.

With consistent, top-quality products, built with precision and care, designed by racers, for racers, JConcepts is THE R/C company to turn to. View our products pages to read more details on each product.

Accolades for the company's products in both gas and electric include:

  • IFMAR World Champion
  • ROAR Modified National Champion
  • European Champion
  • Cactus Classic Champion
  • Hot Rod Shootout Champion
  • Losi Race Champion
  • ROAR Stock National Champion