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TLR 22 2.0 Stock Racer

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For my next JConcepts garage project I decided to build a TLR 22 2.0 stock racer using some key upgrades from JConcepts, MIP and TLR.  This build will feature products from GSHobby.com, JConcepts, EZ Customs, MIP and CB Custom RC Gears.  

Just like my last build, you can bid on this exact buggy on eBay by following this link... 

J.R. Mitch Signature TLR22 2.0 Stock Racer Build Kit


The Build

We started the build with a standard TLR 22 2.0 kit from GSHobby.com.  Of course I will be adding lots of upgrades on top of the standard kit.  First up will be TLR's new -2.5mm Lightweight Chassis, the -2.5mm wheelbase helps the 22 2.0 enter the turn a little quicker, rotate quicker and have better drive off the turn, which really improves the overall balance and feel especially in mid-motor. We also used TLR's new Bell Crank Steering System. The new bell cranks create less Ackermann throughout the turning throw making the vehicle less aggressive off-center and adding steering at low speed with a greater outside wheel angle.. Along with this we added a Specktrum 6040 servo (all electronics have been refurbished from other customer's rides at GSHobby)

Now we move to some of the super cool accessories from JConcepts.  We added a JConcepts 3.5 Titanium turnbuckle set along with TLR's HD ball cups (we added losi o-ring grease to help with the adjustment of the turnbuckles) and one of the best hop-up parts out on the market, the JConcepts Titanium front Axle set.  JConcepts has conveniently built the front axle and hex into a single piece allowing the use of a traditional 4mm lock-nut instead of the stock screw type design.

Then we focused on the rear end of the TLR 22 2.0 adding a TLR 2.5 rear toe plate, the optional toe plate decreases the rear toe-in and reduces rear traction. This results in increased straightaway and corner speed for optimized lap times.  Then we added the TLR mid motor hinge pin brace. The addition of the Brass MM Hinge Pin Brace made the largest improvement to the handling and balance on the 22 2.0. It gets 35g of extra ballast as low and as far to the rear of the vehicles as possible without being behind the rear diff (which creates the unwanted pendulum effect). This has helped to increase the rear weight bias of the 22 2.0, which creates more rotation and forward drive, and an all-around better balance.. We also added a set screw (Red Arrows) in the adjacent hole on the rear bulkhead to help with rigidity and we added the 0 hole in the shock tower, which will help with rear grip.

After the car had all four corners done, it was off to the shocks. We added TLR's 12mm CNC Machined shock pistons 1.3x3 for the front and 1.4x3 in the rear. Once again, we used Losi o-ring grease to help seal and lubricate TLR's x-rings. On the front, we added Kyosho's gold front springs and we used the standard kit springs in the rear. 

Now it was time for the transmission, and with this being a stock racer, we went all out putting in CB's Custom RC Gears, MIP Puck 17.5 drive system and a little top shaft love also. We topped everything off with some bling, using the JConcepts aluminum honeycomb motor plate in black.

As for Motor and Speedo, we again used electronics refurbished from other customer's rides at GSHobby. We went with the Tekin RSX in stock blinking mode and Trinity's super popular D4 17.5 stock motor for the best HP out there.

We topped everything off with the JConcepts Silencer body and a custom paint job by Eric with EZ Customs along with the included 6.5" wing.  To keep this buggy stuck to the track I went with JConcepts Dirt Webs in their indoor clay Gold compound.  JConcepts Mono wheels and their Dirt Tech inserts finish it off.

Parts Used

I hope this build helped you out with your own Stock Racer build.  Below is a list of products used in this build.

Remember you can own this exact buggy by bidding on it over on eBay.

TLR 22 2.0 (TLR03002)
TLR's Chassis -2.5mm lightweight (TLR331014)
TLR's Bell Crank Steering System (TLR231027)
TLR 2.5 rear tow plate (TLR334003)
TLR's MM hinge Pin Brace (TLR334018)
TLR's shock pistons 1.3x3 front (TLR233017)
TLR's shock pistons 1.4x3 rear (TLR233018)
JConcepts Silencer TLR 22 2.0 MM Body (0270)
​JConcepts 3.5 Titanium turnbuckle set (2362)
JConcepts Titanium front Axle set (2240T)
JConcepts aluminum honeycomb motor- Black (2271-2
JConcepts Front wheels (3325Y)
JConcepts Rear wheels (3326Y)
JConcepts Dirt Webs Front (3077-05)
JConcepts Dirt Webs Rear (3076-05)
JConcepts Dirt Tech inserts Front (3231)
JConcepts Dirt Tech inserts Rear (3238)
Kyosho's gold front springs (XGS003)
MIP Puck 17.5 drive system (14245)


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