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Slash 4x4 Cover

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One of the most popular basher trucks out on the market still today is the Traxxas Slash 4x4. This rig is a basher’s dream with ready to run brushless power and four-wheel peel capabilities. When you throw a 3S LiPo pack into the mix the only limitations this truck seems to have is gravity itself. But one common problem with a short course truck is that due to the design of the closed wheel body dirt and debris will get trapped underneath. These trappings will end up on the main chassis and dirty up your electronics and sometimes even get lodged in your drive train. So, in this edition of The Garage we will look at a new product from JConcepts that will not only cover up your electronics to keep them clean but also allow proper cooling too.

JConcepts – Slash 4×4, mesh, breathable chassis cover
Part# 2737
UPC Code – 845937021250
Retail price – $20.00
Map price – $17.00
(Fits – Traxxas Slash 4×4, low CG chassis)

The JConcepts Slash 4x4 LCG Mesh Breathable Chassis Cover is constructed from a black, mesh material with an official JConcepts Racing Team logo screened on the top. 

The mesh material will help keep large chunks of dirt and rocks from entering your chassis and getting caught up in the drivetrain. It will also keep dirt from piling up on the chassis which adds more weight to your vehicle. The mesh material also allows air to still pass through it which helps to cool off your electronics. But this cover is not waterproof so don’t think you can start running through puddles the next time it rains.

Running the length of the cover on both sides is a black zipper. 

Once this cover is installed you can access the electronics and chassis it protects underneath by pulling back the two sliders.

Two long strips of hook tape (commonly known as Velcro) are also included.

These are nearly 13” in length and are the key component in keeping your Mesh Breathable Chassis Cover in place.

Flip it over and you will find six tabbed areas that have the loop side of the tape attached to it. 

Once the hook tape is installed onto the sides of the chassis, these loop tabs will grab onto it and hold everything in place. 

One thing I want to point out is that as the title states this mesh cover was designed for a LCG (low center of gravity) Traxxas Slash 4x4. Earlier offerings of the Traxxas Slash 4x4 used a different chassis design which had a higher ride height, but newer models like the Ultimate and Platinum come standard with the LCG chassis. So please make sure you have the correct vehicle before you purchase this item. Now let’s walk through the process of installing this onto a Slash 4x4, plus explore a few other options available for this vehicle.

First, I looked at the sides of the chassis to see how long my strips of hook tape needed to be. Then I grabbed my Dirt Cut Precision Straight Scissors and cut out small sections.

Then I carefully removed the white paper backing on the cut hook tape strips and applied them to the sides of the Slash 4x4’s chassis.

Like I mentioned earlier, the hook tape comes in long strips, but to get it to function correctly with the Mesh Breathable Chassis Cover you’ll need to create smaller strips that give you more flexibility.

Once that is done on both sides you can take your cover and start to attach it to the chassis with the built-in loop tabs.

Just use your fingers to slowly glide them into place so they make a good bond with the already installed hook tape.

The rear area of the mesh cover has a section with “ruffles” that are comprised of flexible bands. 

Unlike the sides of the chassis, the rear area of the Slash 4x4 doesn’t have a great spot to attach hook tape to it. So, thanks to the “ruffles” design you can wrap the Mesh Breathable Chassis Cover over the rear of the chassis. The bands inside the “ruffles” will create enough resistance to keep the cover in place and hold its shape too.

Once it is installed you can pull back on the two sliders to access the electronics below that it is protecting. 

To power the Slash 4x4 I used Trinity’s LiPo Factory 3S 11.1v 5000mah 55C LiPo pack.

This 3S pack comes pre-wired with a Traxxas connector and provides plenty of punch for bashing sessions.

And thanks to the design of the cover installing it was a breeze.

Once I had the pack plugged in and clipped into place, two quick pulls of the sliders and the truck was ready to hit the dirt again.

To finish off this project I opted to use the JConcepts Scorpios SCT 3.0" x 2.2" tires which you might have noticed already in the previous images in this story.

These tires feature a scale looking tread design that works great in both dirt and muddy conditions that bashers frequent often. As the Scorpios increase their rotational speed the tread spacing will open up slightly which will aid you with obtaining more traction in extreme conditions.

I paired these tires up with the JConcepts Hazard wheels.

These wheels are available in black, white, or yellow and use the industry standard 12mm hex size. These wheels can be used for either the front or the rear tires of the Slash 4x4.

Once I had these out of the package, I mounted them all up using JConcepts Satellite Tire Rubber Bands, Medium Advanced Formulated Tire Glue, a Microfiber Towel, and a RM2 Medium Bore Glue Tip.

Then I mounted them onto the Slash 4x4 and secured them in place with the JConcepts 4mm Large Flange Serrated Locknuts in the black color option. Helping to make this task easier was the JConcepts 7mm Fin Quick-Spin Wrench.

For the body I elected to use the JConcepts 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger SCT body. This is an official licensed body from Ford and includes numerous scaled down 1970’s features like fender flares, rear roll bars, and a detailed decal sheet. 

I sent this body off to Zegers RC Graffixx for a custom paint job and once again he delivered another great looking paint package!

I grabbed my Dirt Cut Precision Straight Scissors to trim out the body and after a few minutes the body was nearly finished.

Since this body was designed to fix a Slash 4x4 it comes with small “dimples” that are located in both the front and the rear. I used the JConcepts Fin Reamer to ream out the mounting holes from the small “dimples”.

To protect the underside of the body once it was mounted, I grabbed a pack of the JConcepts Foam Adhesive Body Washers.

Each package includes 12 washers so you can protect up to three bodies for 1/10 vehicles. Just punch out the center “dot” and peel off the white backing so the adhesive is exposed.

Then firmly press it into place directly over the holes you reamed out earlier.

Finally, once the body was placed over the body posts I used the JConcepts Medium Sized Body clips to lock it into place. These are exclusively offered in black and will work with many 1/10 vehicles out on the market today.

Then I added some custom decals courtesy of StickIt1Racing and the Slash 4x4 was ready to roll!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Garage, and a complete list of the items featured in this story is listed below:

JConcepts Products: 

0380 - 1979 Ford F-250 SCT Body - Slash - MSRP $44.00
2029 - JConcepts Racing Banner - MSRP $20.00
2043M - Advanced Formulated Tire Glue - Medium - MSRP $12.00
2133 - 4' Pit Mat – MSRP $20.00
2139 - Body clips - Medium size (Black) - MSRP $5.00
2212-6 - Satellite Tire Rubber Bands - Orange - MSRP $14.00
2212-8 - Satellite Tire Rubber Bands - Gray - MSRP $14.00
2263-1 – 7mm Fin Quick-Spin Wrench - Blue - MSRP $25.00
2452-2 – Fin Reamer - Black - MSRP $45.00
2539 - Microfiber Towel - Blue / Black - MSRP $5.00
2704 - Foam Adhesive Body Washers - MSRP $6.00
2737 - Slash 4x4 LCG Mesh Breathable Chassis Cover - MSRP $20.00
3051-02 - Scorpios - SCT 3.0" x 2.2" Tire – Green - MSRP $26.00
3351B - Hazard - Slash Rear, Slash 4x4 F&R Wheel – Black MSRP $11.00
8124 - RM2 - Glue Tip Needle - Medium Bore - MSRP $6.00

Dirt Racing Products: 

7999 - Dirt Racing Products - Decal Sheet - MSRP $5.00
8009 - Dirt Cut - Precision Straight Scissors – MSRP $15.00

Trinity Products: 

LF4029 - 3S 11.1v 5000mah 55C LiPo Pack 110C Burst with TX Plug - $115.99 MSRP

Sources: http://www.jconcepts.net | https://www.teamtrinity.com