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Brad takes us through a few JConcepts products that he uses to improve his Team Associated vehicles.

JConcepts Front Hinge Pin Brace

Fits Associated B5,B5M,T5M,SC5M.
Part# 2351

The aluminum front hinge pin brace from JConcepts provides unique styling along with improved durability for the front or your B5M/T5M/SC5M.   Available in black or blue, the machined/anodized aluminum brace is a direct fit in terms of geometry and placement.  The chamfered edges allow for extra clearance when landing jumps and cornering, and thanks to cutouts is lightweight.  At only $10.20 (According to JConcepts.net), the Aluminum Front Hinge Pin Brace from JConcepts is definitely an option part to consider when upgrading your Team Associated vehicles.

Rating: 4/5 


-Price Point
-Added Strength
-Available in Black or Blue


-Missing the “Wow” factor.

4-Hole Rear Ball Stud Mount

Fits Associated B5M,T5M,SC5M.
Part# 2427

Heavy duty, stylish, and options are what you get when using the 4 hole Rear Ball-Stud Mount from JConcepts.  First, the aluminum mount is downright beefy, increasing your chance of finishing a race, and lessening the chance of a premature exit during that A-main.  The mount is unique in that it keeps the standard holes of the stock AE mount, but also provides two extra holes for further adjustment in the camber gain department.  The (+2,-2) orientation of the standard mount is seen on the JConcepts mount as well.  This Ball-Stud mount can take a beating, and has endured plenty of “mishaps” when bolted to the back of my SC5M.  The chamfered silver edges provide a fashionable appearance in the JConcepts blue or black, and at $17 is a viable upgrade to your Team Associated vehicle.

Rating: 5/5


-Added strength in all areas
-Distinctive look
-Available in Black or Blue   


$17 may not be the easiest on the wallet for an option part, but the added durability and protection of that race entry investment is worth much more!

Ride Height/Camber Gauges

Aluminum Ride Height Gauge
Part# 2282

Aluminum Camber Gauge
Part# 2283

These pre-assembled, aluminum pieces of eye candy are my favorite go-to tools in my box.  The measurements are laser-etched into the aluminum making for easy visibility when setting ride height or camber on your vehicle.  Furthermore, each gauge is complete with its own latch box and cushion for protection.  The ride height gauge can provide accurate measurements from 10-40mm, while the camber gauge can go from a staggering -10 to +10 degrees!

While they are my favorite tool in my box, the price tag can be hard to justify for some ($34.00 for the camber gauge, and $32.30 for the ride height gauge).  But you get what you pay for, and I believe these are worth every penny.  

Rating: 4/5