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The Precision Hobby Knife Handle

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The RC industry has evolved over the years as technology has changed, and companies tried to keep up with customer demand. But one common RC related item that hasn’t seen many improvements over time is the hobby knife. A good hobby knife is still needed today for a variety of RC related tasks, but most that were previously available weren’t really designed for today’s RC enthusiast. This all changed when the JConcepts team went to work to develop a new, cutting edge product which we’ll go over in this edition of The Garage.

Today there are many existing hobby knifes available, but none of them are as unique as the JConcepts Precision Hobby Knife Handle. To quote Paul Hogan in the 1986 cult classic Crocodile Dundee, “That's not a knife. That's a knife.” Now JConcepts is not developing a large bowie knife anytime soon (all though that would be interesting), but they have released their take on the common hobby knife. 

One of the most common questions of this product is why is it called a hobby knife handle and not just a hobby knife? The reason is that technically this product is only a handle since a blade is not included. By not including a blade this gives the customer the freedom to install the blade of their choice.

The most commonly used blade for hobby knifes is a #11 blade, but the Precision Hobby Knife Handle is also compatible with other popular blade sizes. Once you pick up multiple blades you’ll need a place to store them and that leads us into the 1st feature of this product.

The Precision Hobby Knife Handle is constructed of lightweight, machined aluminum, and is available in black or blue color options. 

The long handle on the opposite end of where the blade is located is hollow which allows you to store extra blades inside. 

This serves two functions since it will safely protect your extra blades and have them readily available when needed. 

To keep the blades secure in the handle JConcepts has developed a removable end cap.

This end cap is made of the same precision aluminum materials and features a knurled surface to help you grip it. 

It uses machined threads to easily twist into the end of the long handle.

Most hobby knifes come with a simple, clear plastic cover to keep the blade out of harm’s way. But over time this cover can crack or wear out so it won’t stay secure after repeated use. 

To combat this common problem JConcepts designed their blade cover to use the same lightweight, machined aluminum materials so it is more durable then plastic. And instead of simply sliding over the blade, their blade cover threads on which will keep it more locked into place. 

And in case your hands get grimey when wrenching on your cars, the blade cover and long handle both feature knurling to help you maintain a solid grip.

When assembled with five blades in tow the Precision Hobby Knife Handle weighs about 40 grams.

When compared to a standard hobby knife, the Precision Hobby Knife Handle also has a larger circumference. So if you combine that with the additional weight the Precision Hobby Knife Handle will give you a better, weighted feel while in your hand. 

The Precision Hobby Knife Handle comes completely assembled so to install a fresh blade there are a few steps that must be done. First, take off the main blade cover and set it aside. Then unthread the collar so that it and the clamp are removed from the main handle.

Now grab the blade of your choice and carefully slide it into the clamp via one of its four machined slots.

Then slide the collar back over the clamp. 

Now grab both pieces and stick the non blade end of the clamp into the main handle, and secure it into place by tightening the collar.

Again a good hobby knife can be used for a variety of tasks like scoring a body.

Scoring a wing.

Stripping a wire.

Or applying your favorite tire brand decal to your body.



I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Garage, and a complete list of the items featured in this story is listed below:

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Sources: http://www.jconcepts.net