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For the past few years now the most popular classes to compete in off-road racing have been 1/10 2wd and 4wd electric buggy, along with 1/8 4wd nitro buggy. Undoubtedly, these classes continue to stay strong year in and year out due to the fact that every two years an IFMAR title is awarded the world’s top driver in these classes. For many years now 1/8 4wd nitro buggies have used gear diffs (differentials) as the key component in transmissions, but recently with the rise of high bite dirt, turf, and carpet track surfaces many 1/10 2wd and 4wd electric buggy drivers are running gear diffs too. So depending on what type of buggy you compete with this means that at any given time you might be possibly working on one to three gear differentials. These diffs are comprised of several small components that you need to keep track of when you are working on them, plus when you top off your diff with fresh fluid you want to make sure it doesn't tip over. So to combat these common issues once again JConcepts has developed a new product that meets the demands of today’s racers and we'll go over it in this edition of The Garage.

The JConcepts Parts Tray is comprised of soft, flexible rubber and is available in both black and blue color options. Even with all the flexibility the Parts Tray still holds its true shape after time, and is loaded with many nice features.

One feature is the 10 different compartments or dividers molded into the Parts Tray.

There is one main large compartment that is the entire length of the Parts Tray. Inside of it you can see the familiar Dirt Webs tread design. 

And due to its size you can place larger items here like your favorite tire brush or commonly used tools.

Also located along the front side of the JConcepts Parts Tray is an embossed JConcepts.net official logo.  

To the top right of this large compartment are six smaller compartments that can be used for small screws, body clips, wheel nuts, or those pesky diff balls that always seem to roll off your pit mat during a build.

Just to the left of those is one medium size compartment. This is good for storing larger parts or even some smaller tools if so desired.

Finally, along the top there is a series of six recessed holes. There are designed to hold your differentials when you need to top them off with fluid or when performing a full rebuild, which I’ll cover in a bit. There are also small compartments between each set of holes which can be used to store small pins, shims, etc.

Each set of holes has a bigger hole on the left which is intended to be used with the larger 1/8 differentials. The smaller holes on the right are for 1/10 diffs. And to help you stay even more organized they even include an embossed F (Front), M (Middle), and R (Rear) between each set of holes. 

So no matter how many diffs your vehicle has you can still keep everything neat and organized in your pit space till you are finished working on it.

Even though the JConcepts Parts Tray is packed with all of these features, it is still very compact with overall dimensions of 181mm x 114mm x 12.5mm (7.125" x 4.5" x .5"). It is also very light at 123g but yet it has enough weight to keep it from sliding around on your pit mat, and the rubber material itself creates enough friction to keep it in place. Now let’s show the JConcepts Parts Tray in action.

Here I’m starting with a freshly built gear diff and I need to add my fluid now. It is a 1/10 diff so I use the hole on the right.

Since the hole is a snug fit around the outdrive, I can easily add my fluid to the desired fill level without worrying about it tipping over.

Then once that is complete I can let the fluid settle in and move onto other tasks, or seal up the diff and get my car back out on the track.





I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Garage, and a complete list of the items featured in this story is listed below:

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