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'72 Chevy C10 Body

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Setting up your Traxxas Slash 4x4 with the JConcepts Scalpel Conversion to run the new Chevy C10 body.

Parts Used

JConcepts Parts

#0267  1972 Chevy C10 – Slash 4x4, Scalpel Speed Run body

#2173   Slash 4x4 - Front Bumper Conversion Kit

#3056-3030  2.8" G-Locs - Yellow Compound - (Pre-mounted Black Wheels)

#2295  Traxxas Big Bore Shock Limiter Kit for Scalpel Conversion - F&R 10pc

​Traxxas Parts (If using Traxxas Rally)

#6815R  Body Mount (1), Body Post (2): Slash 4x4 (2 sets needed)

#2576  Button Head Machine Screw 3X8mm

#2577  Button Head Screw 3X10mm



Making The Conversion


Converting the Slash 4x4 to the Scalpel speed-run vehicle requires body, bumper conversion and tires and wheels are highly recommended.    The assembly is simple and takes only minutes to complete.    First, remove stock bumper assembly and replace with the JConcepts conversion kit speed-run accessories and foam bumper.  For the C10, use the standard kit front body mounts and the included low profile body mounts on the rear. Make small changes to suspension set-up to limit down and up travel per instructions.    Detail, paint and trim body.   Prep, mount and glue JConcepts 2.8” G-Locs tires onto 2.8” Rulux wheels and secure to the vehicle.    Locate, mark and ream the body mount locations and drop body into place.    Hit your favorite closed circuit for the wildest speed-runs imaginable. 


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