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Trevor "Chilly" Duncan

Chilly has been heavily involved in RC since the late 90's, and has worked for industry publications such as Xtreme RC and Radio Control Car Action magazine. Along with his RC experience he has a diverse background that includes print and broadcast journalism, engineering, information technology, direct marketing, and even banking. Currently he enjoys racing 1/10 electric off-road, covering large race events, and spending time with his family when he is away from the track.

Featured Project

Slash 4x4 Cover

One of the most popular basher trucks out on the market still today is the Traxxas Slash 4x4. This rig is a basher’s dream with ready to run brushless power and four-wheel peel capabilities. When you throw a 3S LiPo pack into the mix the only limitations this truck seems to have is gravity... View This Project

More Projects

10th Scale Buggy Drawstring Tote Bag

When traveling to the track most of today’s drivers want something to transport their vehicle in. This way they can protect it from the elements like rain, or make it easier to carry into the pits along with all of their other racing equipment. The most popular racing classes still in 1/10... View This Project

Street Stock Build

The Dirt Oval racing scene has grown in popularity over the last few years as drivers have looked for a new racing outlet that still requires speed and skill along with some scale, realistic looking vehicles. One of the easiest and cheapest classes to join is the popular Street Stock class.... View This Project

RM2 Car Stand

At the young age of 6 Ryan Maifield started his racing career in his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. Back then one of the largest national races each year which was The Cactus Classic which was held in Scottsdale.


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JConcepts Small Zipper Storage Bag

Today’s drivers are always looking for new ways to transport their RC essentials to and from the track. Sometimes they just want something simple and inexpensive, but yet it also needs to be reliable and fresh looking too. For many moons now JConcepts has been a leader of RC storage options and... View This Project

T6.1 Options Build

Team Associated has a long standing racing heritage in the Stadium Truck class, and their latest kit breathes new life into this classic off-road genre. This new kit is based on their winning B6.1 platform which means many components are shared between the two vehicles, but there are some parts... View This Project

JConcepts Exo Shock Stand

One of the most common tasks a driver must perform at the track when they are trying to dial in their setup is to change up their shock package. Sometimes this simply requires changing to a different weight of oil or in some cases a complete rebuild. Whichever is the case, a driver will still... View This Project

B6.1 Options Build

Once again Team Associated has raised the bar for the 2wd off-road buggy class with the recent releases of the B6.1, B6.1D, and B6.1 Factory Lite kits. These new buggies have received several updates, especially in the rear section of the vehicle. However, these new kits also do share a lot of... View This Project

The Precision Hobby Knife Handle

The RC industry has evolved over the years as technology has changed, and companies tried to keep up with customer demand. But one common RC related item that hasn’t seen many improvements over time is the hobby knife. A good hobby knife is still needed today for a variety of RC related tasks,... View This Project

JConcepts Parts Tray

For the past few years now the most popular classes to compete in off-road racing have been 1/10 2wd and 4wd electric buggy, along with 1/8 4wd nitro buggy. Undoubtedly, these classes continue to stay strong year in and year out due to the fact that every two years an IFMAR title is awarded the... View This Project

Liquid Application Brush

Tire preparation on a race day is always key, especially with today’s high bite dirt tracks. If a driver’s tires aren’t properly prepared then they could lose the race in the pits before they even hit the track. But today’s drivers also need something to keep their race vehicle clean and... View This Project

Tire Balancer

Getting the maximum life out of your tires is not only important on the track, but also for a racer’s wallet. One of the most commonly overlooked ways to achieve both goals is to balance your tires. Just like a real car, when you tires are properly balanced they will wear longer which means you... View This Project

JConcepts Stock Pinion Puck

Having the proper gearing is key to performing towards the top in racing, especially in the spec classes. Even the smallest gearing change can pay off in a big way if you can produce more power and consistency from your brushless motor. So a savvy racer will arrive at the track with a plethora... View This Project

JConcepts FIN Reamer

For a big race many times drivers will have their cars completely tore down and rebuilt with fresh fluids, components, and even electronics. And one of the last steps before heading to the track is usually getting a new body race ready. Many times this final task can be under some time pressure... View This Project

Shorty Storage Box

Since the introduction of the TLR 22 2wd buggy, “shorty” LiPo packs are the norm for today’s 1/10 off-road racing vehicles. Thanks to advancements in LiPo technology drivers can now use one pack per vehicle which helps out with their racing budget. But when traveling to and from the track... View This Project

B6D Options Build

One of the most competitive classes in electric off-road racing right now is Stock (17.5) 2wd buggy. This used to be a “bridge” class between novice and modified drivers, but now at many tracks this class yields the most entries on a race day, and is ultra-competitive as drivers push their cars... View This Project

Tire Organization

One of the major keys to success out on the track is a strong race program, especially when it comes to tire selection. Drivers must be able to judge the current and upcoming track conditions so that they can select the winning tread pattern and compound combination. This also means they need... View This Project

Fin Quick Spin Wrenches

To help prevent wheels from coming loose, many RC vehicles now use some type of serrated nut. This design works great as the serrated “teeth” dig into the wheel and lock everything in place. Knowing that your wheels won’t fall off gives both bashers and racers peace of mind, especially the 1/8... View This Project

Combo Thumb Wrench

When you are heading out to the track it is essential that you bring a few tools with you in case you need to make some repairs to your RC vehicle. It’s good to be well prepared, but it also nice to not be bogged down with multiple tools and accessories.

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Dirt Products 2.0

In a previous edition of the Garage we reviewed some of the initial offerings from the new product line called Dirt Racing Products. Since then many new items have been developed, and in this edition of the Garage will... View This Project

Axial Yeti Options Build

Founded in 2005, Axial burst onto the RC scene with their range of nitro engines and lexan truck bodies. But things really hit in full stride when they released their first rock crawler kit in 2007, the AX10 Scorpion. This was the first competition ready crawler kit, and it made it easy for... View This Project

Vaterra Ascender Options Build

JConcepts has a long, successful history in off-road racing, but over the years they have also developed products in other areas of surface RC like 1.9” trail and scale rigs. In this edition of the Garage we’ll take a look at some JConcepts products specifically designed for these types of... View This Project

Resealable Storage Bags

Part of being a successful racer is keeping a well maintained race program. By that I mean most of the time the fastest drivers on the track also have the best looking pit space. If you ever spend a substantial amount of time in the pits next to pro level drivers you will notice that they tend... View This Project

Universal Storage Bag

JConcepts offers a variety of products that are designed to protect your RC gear when traveling to the track, or when you need to store your accessories for a future race weekend. Protecting your investments is important, but at the same time you need something that is practical to use too. New... View This Project

B44.3 Build

Since its debut in 2007, the B44 has racked up not only three world titles, but also numerous national and regional wins. To help celebrate this latest win, Team Associated released the B44.3 Factory Team kit which included the latest improvements to this winning platform.


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Finnisher Car Stand

When working on your ride in the pits, or simply storing it on the shelf till next race day, having your car suspended off your work surface is very important. This can reduce the load on your shocks, it can make it easier to replace parts, or it can simply clear up space on your pit table.... View This Project

Dirt-Tech Foam Grip

The Dirt-Tech foam grip is modeled after the popular 1:8 and 1:10 Dirt-Tech tire inserts that debuted in the summer of 2014. And just like the tire inserts, each Dirt-tech foam grip is comprised of medium to firm density foam. Two inserts come in each package, and they use the same familiar... View This Project

Dirt Racing Products

In this edition of Garage we will take a look at some of the products offered under JConcepts’ new product line called Dirt Racing Products.

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Product Focus - Reedy Sonic Motor Timing Cover

In electric racing heat is the natural enemy of all electronics, especially in brushless motors. As a motor starts to generate more heat you will see a loss in performance, and this is most noticeable in stock or spec class racing where drivers try to get the most out of their motors. Another... View This Project

2.2 vs. 60mm Wheels

Since the late 1990’s, the 2.2” wheel has been the industry standard for 1/10th off-road buggies. A few years ago things started to change as companies moved to a 12mm hex design... View This Project

Upgrade Your RC10B5

After many years of speculation and rumors, Team Associated officially announced their 5th generation RC10... View This Project

RC10 World's Build

When Team Associated released the RC10 Classic kit in the summer of 2013, the industry saw an increase in RC nostalgia as racers both new and old lined up to get their hands on this limited edition buggy. Soon after that many manufacturers started to release other reproduction kits including... View This Project

Deck Out Your RC8.2e Buggy

Project Refresh: Decking Out Your RC8.2e Buggy With The Latest JConcepts Gear

For this project I wanted to take a basic Team Associated Factory Team RC8.2e buggy and deck it out with the latest JConcepts gear. But before we get to the final results let’s first take a... View This Project

SC10.2 Street Truck

For this project my goal was to take my race ready, Team Associated Factory Team SC10.2 and quickly convert it over to a realistic looking street truck. Now you might be thinking that this is a tall order, but actually transforming your race ride into a JConcepts equipped street ride is easier... View This Project

SC10.2 Basher Truck

Everyone needs a break from racing from time to time, and there is no better way to have some fun away from the track than at your local bashing spot.

Big jumps and maximum speed are a must when you are ripping through multiple surfaces.

JConcepts is best known for their extensive... View This Project