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Super Cup

2015 Fall Session

  1. RACE 1:  NewRed Hobbies – August 1, 2015
  2. RACE 2:  Beachline – September 5, 2015
  3. RACE 3:  Track TBD – October 3, 2015
  4. RACE 4: ​ Lake Park – November 7, 2015


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​The 2015 Super Cup Season will proudly use LiveTime for timing & scoring



Rule Change for 10th scale buggy wheel construction

2.4"/60mm wheels will now be permitted for the remainder of the 2015 INS Season.  ROAR has updated their rulebook as follows...

ROAR is introducing a rules change with immediate effect that results in 2 different wheel configurations being available as options for manufacturers and competitors: 
- the existing 2.2" nominal wheels  
- the newer 2.4" or 60mm nominal wheels 

The new rules do not include dimensions compatible with vintage style wheels as they are generally not used in ROAR sanctioned competition.  

Dimensions for the traditional 2.2" wheel will be: 
- Mounting Bead Diameter - 2.20 inch (55.88mm) +/-.013 inch (.30mm) 
- Maximum Overall Diameter - 2.42 inch (61.468 mm) 
- Width - 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum 

Dimensions for the newer wheel style will be: 
- Mounting Bead Diameter - 2.380 - 2.427 inch (60.45 - 61.65 mm) 
- Maximum Overall Diameter - 2.571 inch (65.3 mm) 
- Width - 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum 

For further info, visit


Schedule Update - Fall 2015

The dates for the 2015 Fall Session have been confirmed. We will announce the host track for Race 3 soon.

Fall Session

August 1 – NewRed Hobbies Ocala, FL 
September 5 – Beachline Raceway Cocoa, FL
October 3 –Track TBD
​November 7 – Lake Park Lutz, FL


Schedule Update - Spring 2015

So after the fun of this past weekends last minute change we would like to go over the rest of the season's schedule. Round 3 was originally going to be Shiverville. Ken asked if he could switch dates with a track from the Fall Session. He didn't feel his track would be Super Cup ready in time. The new Beachline Raceway was set to be Round 3 this season but due to the risk of rain and the long drive for most we decided (a little late) to swap Round 2 and 3. Round 3 will be hosted by Coral Springs. However, they have requested to not have the event held on Easter weekend. The Force Series has their race the following weekend so we have moved Race 3 to March 28. If March 28 weather has a bad outlook then the original date of April 4th will be the make-up date for Race 3.

Thanks for the continued support of the series... Let's Race!

​Round 3: Coral Springs - March 28, 2015
Round 4: FZRC - May 9, 2015

2015 Super Cup Championship Series – Spring Round 1

Valentines Day weekend kicked off the 2015 Super Cup Season at 301 Raceway in Wildwood FL. Friday night we celebrated the 2014 season with another great banquet, handing out over 215 awards and a pile of prizes from our amazing sponsors. On Saturday, Round 1 kicked off with 211 entries that would fill the indoor facility to near capacity. Racers enjoyed the spacious tables and comfortable area inside away from the morning cold winds. Track was new to many racers with a hybrid surface consisting of a clay base and wooden carpeted jumps. Tires were tricky to find as grip increased with every passing hour on Friday’s practice. By Saturday morning racers came prepared with tires in hand that had been glued the night before. Qualifying would start with a delay as technology played its part of glitches and system bugs. Tech support would work hard as the racers patiently waited for quals to begin. Once quals began racers were ready and laid down crazy fast laps with times dropping heat after heat.


2015 Spring Session Dates Confirmed

Round 1 of the 2015 season will kick off February 14, 2015 hosted by 301 Raceway.  The 2014 awards banquet will be held Friday evening, February 13, 2015.  More details to follow.

Check out the all new Super Cup Channel on YouTube. Watch races from previous sessions and Live broadcasts coming soon!



2014 Fall Session Updates

New Class added: 4wd Buggy 13.5

Race 2 has been moved to 301 Raceway
Race 3 has been moved to Mills Pond
Race 4 has been moved to Lake Park

Qual Points will be used in qualifying

Check the RULES and FORMAT tabs to the left for more details.

Limits on running multiple buggy classes

The following multiple classes are allowed

  • 2wd Independent and 2wd 40+ open
  • 2wd expert Stock and 2wd 40+ open
  • 2wd Expert Stock and 2wd modified

The following multiple classes are NOT allowed

  • 2wd Independent and 2wd Expert Stock
  • 2wd Independent and 2wd modified
  • 2wd Modified and 2wd 40+ open
  • 4wd 13.5 and 4wd modified

ROAR Membership Required

We are going to be observing the current ROAR rules for the 2015 Super Cup Championship Series.
ROAR Membership required. Any changes, updates or popular variances to those rules will be listed in the Rules section.
If you are unaware of these 
rules or updates please visit:

Not a ROAR Member? Please contact ROAR directly:

ROAR Administrator
30262 Crown Valley Pkwy #B454
Laguna Niguel CA, 92677

Or go online to:

All vehicles will be tech inspected by authorized personnel before each run.

Timing System

The Super Cup Series currently uses the new MYLAPS RC4 timing system. 
Please confirm that your transponder work with the latest RC4 decoder, we will not have hand-outs available. 
* Older MRT Transponder's will NOT consistently work with this new system.

For the 2015 season, the Super Cup Series will utilize the new LiveTime timing & scoring software.


Registration Info

First class: $25.00 USD 
Second class: $20.00 USD 
Third class: $15.00 USD 
Fourth class (and beyond): $10.00 USD

Save time by registering online, just check-in when you arrive at the track.  
You can pay via PayPal ahead of time or by Cash/MC/Visa/Discover/Amex at the track.



Class Info

2015 Classes

  • 2wd Buggy Pro Stock
  • 2wd Buggy Independent Stock
  • 2wd Buggy Modified
  • 2wd Buggy 40+ Open
  • 2wd Truck Stock
  • 2wd Truck Modified
  • 2wd Short Course Stock
  • ​4wd Buggy Modified
  • 4wd Buggy 13.5
  • 4wd Short Course Modified
  • Novice Open

All Stock classes require speed control to be set in “Blink” mode and be on the ROAR approved list.

All vehicles (Stock & Mod) will be tech inspected by authorized personnel before each run for weight and voltage, stock classes will be checked for "Blink" mode.

Any Stock vehicle found not to be in "Blink" mode will be disqualified from competition.  Any vehicle that is under weight will not be able to run until weight is added.  Any vehicle with a battery voltage higher than 8.4v will not be allowed to run.

Competitor will forfeit race entry and points.

To learn more about the ROAR rules and requirements please visit their site HERE

Limits on running multiple buggy classes

The following multiple classes are allowed

2wd Independent and 2wd 40+ open
2wd expert Stock and 2wd 40+ open
2wd Expert Stock and 2wd modified

The following multiple classes are NOT allowed

2wd Independent and 2wd Expert Stock
2wd Independent and 2wd modified
2wd Modified and 2wd 40+ open
4wd 13.5 and 4wd modified


– General Rules and Format –

We are going to be observing the current ROAR rules for the 2015 Super Cup Championship Series.
ROAR Membership required for ALL racers.
Any changes, updates or popular variances to those rules will be listed below.
If you are unaware of these 
rules or updates please visit:

ROAR Administrator
30262 Crown Valley Pkwy #B454
Laguna Niguel CA, 92677

Or go online to: -

All vehicles will be tech inspected for Voltage and Weight by authorized personnel before each run.  
Stock vehicles will be checked for "Blink" mode as well.

Stock Classes

Stock Buggy, Truck and Short Course classes will be using 17.5t motors. This should provide everyone with easy access
to the current “standard” stock brushless motor for off-road. Timing advance adjustment is NOT allowed on the
speed control. All Stock classes require speed control to be set in “Blink” mode. Top three Stock vehicles will be tech
inspected by authorized personnel after each Main. Any Stock vehicle found not to be in “Blink” mode will be disqualified
from competition. Competitor will forfeit race entry and points. All 3.0” x 2.2” SCT tires are legal for the stock class.
100% chassis sponsored / Expert drivers are NOT allowed.

Short Course Classes

All 3.0” x 2.2” SCT tires are legal for Short Course. Body trimming is allowed to minimize parachute effect but is limited
to the body-lines and cut-outs intended for modification. Small circle cut-outs are allowed at the base of the windshield
regardless per the ROAR Nationals. No complete windshield, side window or bed cutouts. Modified class is intended
for the more experienced driver and is open to all manufacturer SCT trucks. In the SCT 4x4 class the motor is open,
however, the battery is restricted to 2s Lipo as per the ROAR rules.

Over 40 2wd Open Buggy

With an ever increasing number of veteran racers and fathers in attendance, an over 40 2wd Open class has been added.
Designated as an Open Class we encourage drivers to run modified motors in the 7.5 to 10.5 range with standard
2s Lipo capability. Stock racers are welcome to run both stock and Over 40 but modified racers cannot race in both.

17.5 Pro Buggy

(No changes, same as Stock Buggy class in 2014)

· Past champions allowed back into competition
· Partial chassis / accessory sponsorship allowed

Independent 17.5 Buggy

· Intended for less skilled, beginning or veteran drivers
· No chassis / accessory sponsorships with a signed contract allowed

Novice class

· Run what you brung for kids and novice racers



Race Format

· 2 Qualifiers- 5 minutes long (Time schedule determined) 10 cars per qualifier
· 8 Cars per main with 2 bump ups – 10 car mains

The Super Cup series is split into two separately scored sessions, spring and fall. For 2015, the Spring session runs from February to
May. Fall session runs from August to December.

Technical Inspection

The Super Cup Competition committee has stepped up with a much more stringent technical inspection for ALL classes. Please be prepared to have the following aspects inspected prior to each qualifier and main event. There will be a ROAR rule observed pre-race technical inspection table that everyone must clear prior to the qualifier and main.
Post-race tech is available in the event of a protest.  These rules are in place to ensure fairness of racing in the stock class; not to be a hindrance. This will also get everyone prepared for the stringent ROAR tech process that will take place for anyone running at this year’s ROAR Off-road Nationals hosted by SCRC in Florida.

 Pre-race inspection –

· Weight
· Battery voltage
· Speed control, blinky mode inspection
· 17.5 motor

 Post-race inspection – protest instituted

· Weight
· Stator resistance
· Motor tear down


Super Cup racing is typically held on Saturday. An effort will always be made to run the event on that single day. If one
complete round is completed it is an official race and points will be tabulated based on position. If it is impossible to race
on a Saturday, Sunday will be used as the make-up day. If a race is unsuccessful on Sunday than a make-up race will
be run at a date to be determined. Drivers will be given the option of a refund or to hold their entry for the future event.

2015 Super Cup Competition committee:

Rich Muller – Super Cup Scoring –

Lance MacDonald – Super Cup Race Announcer 

Matt Mosieur – Super Cup Scheduling –


2015 Super Cup - Spring

Race 1 - 301 Raceway - February 14, 2015
Final Standings

Race 2 - Beachline Raceway - March 7, 2015
Final Standings

Race 3 - Coral Springs RC Track - March 28, 2015
Final Standings

Race 4 - FZRC - May 9, 2015
Final Standings

2015 Spring Session Point Standings

Final Points

2014 Points Standings - Fall

Final Points

2014 Points Standings - Spring

Final Points


Hotels in the area

Shiverville Host Hotel 
Quality Inn I-75 at Exit 399 (FL682) 
15960 NW US Hwy 441, 
Alachua, FL, US, 32615
Phone: (386) 462-2244
Fax: (252) 218-6884
Regular rate ~ $90.00 per night

NewRed Host Hotel – (one of many options)

Holiday Inn & Suites 
3600 SW 38th Avenue 
Ocala, Florida 34474
Phone: (352) 629-9500
Fax: (352) 629-1164

Coral Springs Hotels

La Quinta Inn & Suites
University Drive South
3100 North University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 1-954-344-2200
Fax: 1-954-344-0931

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Coral Springs University Dr
3701 University Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 1-954-753-9000
Fax: 1-954-755-4012