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National Carpet & Turf Series


2019 NCTS

New for 2019 – 


In 2018 JConcepts introduced the Independent 17.5 buggy class intended for non-sponsored drivers. The class is limited to 30 entries and utilizes a controlled tire program to make things simple for the racer. For 2019, together with series sponsor, HobbyWing, the Independent class will now feature a 21.5 hand-out motor program. 

After careful research, we’ve determined that Independent drivers enjoy the ease of a vehicle which is easier to drive. Utilizing a 21.5 motor, it now allows the young and veteran racer to produce sharper lap-times and less crashes over a complete qualifier or race. Together with the HobbyWing 21.5 motor and controlled tires, it reduces two of the most intimation factors of competing in a race event. 

The JConcepts | HobbyWing Independent 21.5 buggy class = More fun on track and less worry in the pits.

2018 Results and Info

4th Annual JConcepts Turf Nationals – Race Recap

There’s no doubt that astroturf and carpet tracks are getting more popular throughout the United States. Once considered strange and not ‘real’ offroad racing, is now a thought of the past and considered truly a viable option to an alternative racing surface...



It’s always thrilling to be a part of something new. The excitement, the anticipation, and the energy are turned up to the max as there will never be another 1st time once it’s already happened. With the popularity of artificial surfaces still on the rise, JConcepts teamed up with carpet track specialist, Northwest Hobbies, to present the 1st ever JConcepts Carpet Nationals event in Albany, Oregon. With Northwest Hobbies being one of the first tracks in the nation to go carpet, the local race scene has developed some extremely fast drivers that span from Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Mix in 2 World Champions, an AE designer who placed 2nd at the Worlds Warm-up at Yatabe, with the fast locals and you have one of the most competitive fields in US off-road carpet racing history...



From the Carpet Nationals in Albany, Oregon to the Turf Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut, JConcepts is marching into a whole new era and now proud to team up with Windy City R/C Raceway to present to you the 1st Annual JConcepts Midwest Carpet Nationals in Arlington Heights, Illinois...




• 3 Qualifiers – 5 minutes each – Qual Points Scoring 

• 2wd and 4wd Mod will be Triple A-Main format with one bump up from the B-Main 
• 10 drivers go directly to the A-Main, 1 bump will make 11 

• All other A-Mains will have 2 bumps ups with extended Single Mains
• A-Main = 8 min, B-Main = 7 min, C-Main = 6 min, D-Main = 5 min



2019 NCTS Event Dates


JConcepts Western Carpet Nationals
702 Raceway – Las Vegas, NV
March 22-24, 2019


JConcepts Northwest Carpet Nationals
Northwest Hobbies – Albany, OR
April 19-21, 2019


JConcepts Northeast Turf Nationals
RC Madness – Enfield, CT
September 6-8, 2019


JConcepts Midwest Carpet Nationals
Windy City Raceway and Hobbies – Arlington Heights, IL
October 25-27, 2019


Class Info

Available Classes

  • 2wd modified 
  • 4wd modified 
  • 17.5 Expert 2wd buggy
  • 13.5 4wd buggy
  • 13.5 Stadium truck 
  • 13.5 SCT
  • 40+ 2wd modified buggy
  • 1/10th 4wd truggy
  • 21.5 Independent buggy


Independent 21.5 Buggy

HobbyWing 21.5 motors can be picked up on loan from representative Ron Schuur on Friday morning. The timing on the motors has been fixed and inspected by Ron and cared for by him and in his possession. During racing and practice, Ron will be happy to assist with gearing suggestions and care throughout the event.

The motor can stay in the racers vehicles throughout the race weekend.

​Once the race is over, please return the motor to Ron.


Control Tires

JConcepts Swaggers and Pin Downs on the front and rear of every class can be purchased through the Hobby Shop.



4 years ago, JConcepts launched the official Turf Nationals race hosted by RC Madness in Enfield, Connecticut, and within a year the event grew to over 300 entries and has arguably become the biggest electric race in the Northeast. In conjunction, last year we introduced 2 new carpet events to accommodate Turf Nationals by adding the Midwest Carpet Nationals at Windy City R/C and the Carpet Nationals at Northwest Hobbies in Albany, Oregon. Both races displayed a special kind of energy and excitement that convinced us that there needed to be a nationwide series dedicated to the die-hard carpet and turf racers.