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National Carpet & Turf Series


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Western Carpet Nationals


Northwest Carpet Nationals


Northeast Turf Nationals


Midwest Carpet Nationals



2019 NCTS

2019 NCTS Series Overall Champions!

When the JConcepts National Carpet and Turf Series was announced, it was met with a lot of positivity and excitement, but as well as a little apprehension. Many wondered if it was too premature to hold a specific race series just for carpet and turf racers, but we wanted to take a chance and venture out and establish a legit series for the ever-growing carpet and turf race fans out there.



Setser Doubles and Vitale took Wins at the 2019 JConcepts Turf Nationals!

Each year, the 1st weekend of September holds one of the best-kept racing secrets in RC…. the JConcepts Turf Nationals. It’s not your ordinary race as it’s a top-level race that’s focused on fun, exciting high-speed racing, and is consistently one of the biggest racing draws in the Northeast.


Broc Champlin and Maifield Take Top Honors at Rd 2 of the JConcepts NCTS!!

Carpet and Turf racing is slowly changing the RC game. With a clean facility, almost zero tire prep, just dust off the cars and go race attitude, is proving to be a popular race formula for tracks all over the world. Best of all, quick track changes keep things interesting for all racers making it more exciting each time out to your local track...  READ MORE


Maifield Doubles Down in Vegas at the Inaugural JConcepts NCTS!

There’s no question that carpet and turf racing is on the rise in the United States and this high-speed, mega traction style of racing is definitely entertaining and intense. Sure, it isn’t dirt and yes it’s not the same, but the fact is… you still get to drive your awesome toy car and competitively race it against others to find out who’s the fastest. Plain and simple, it’s called racing!  READ MORE




• 3 Qualifiers – 5 minutes each – Qual Points Scoring 

• 2wd and 4wd Mod will be Triple A-Main format with one bump up from the B-Main 
• 10 drivers go directly to the A-Main, 1 bump will make 11 

• All other A-Mains will have 2 bumps ups with extended Single Mains
• A-Main = 8 min, B-Main = 7 min, C-Main = 6 min, D-Main = 5 min



2019 NCTS Event Dates


JConcepts Western Carpet Nationals
702 Raceway – Las Vegas, NV
March 22-24, 2019


JConcepts Northwest Carpet Nationals
Northwest Hobbies – Albany, OR
April 12-14, 2019


JConcepts Northeast Turf Nationals
RC Madness – Enfield, CT
September 6-8, 2019


JConcepts Midwest Carpet Nationals
Thunder Road RC Raceway - Waite Park, MN
(Note new location)
October 25-27, 2019


Class Info

Available Classes

  • 2wd modified 
  • 4wd modified 
  • 17.5 Expert 2wd buggy
  • 13.5 4wd buggy
  • 13.5 Stadium truck 
  • 13.5 SCT
  • 40+ 2wd modified buggy
  • 1/10th 4wd truggy
  • 21.5 Independent buggy


Independent 21.5 Buggy

HobbyWing 21.5 motors can be picked up on loan from representative Ron Schuur on Friday morning. The timing on the motors has been fixed and inspected by Ron and cared for by him and in his possession. During racing and practice, Ron will be happy to assist with gearing suggestions and care throughout the event.

The motor can stay in the racers vehicles throughout the race weekend.

​Once the race is over, please return the motor to Ron.


Control Tires

Control Tires for each class can only be purchased through the tracks Hobby Shop leading up to and during each event.

Western, Northwest and Northeast Carpet Nationals Control Tires -

  • 2wd buggy – Swaggers | Pin Downs
  • 4wd buggy – Swaggers | Pin Downs
  • Stadium truck – Swaggers | Pin Downs
  • SCT – Swaggers | Pin Downs
  • 4wd truggy – Swaggers | Pin Downs

Midwest Carpet Nationals Control Tires -

  • 2wd buggy – Swaggers | Twin Pins
  • 4wd buggy – Swaggers | Twin Pins
  • Stadium truck – Swaggers | Pin Downs
  • SCT – Swaggers | Pin Downs
  • 4wd truggy – Swaggers | Pin Downs


JConcepts control tire information –

Traditionally, a racer can run open practice with tires of the same brand and compound that they might already have in their possession. However, during seeding, qualifying and main events, the tires must be acquired from the track-side hobby shop and marked according to their rules for the weekend. This method allows racers to maximize their equipment during practice and then ensure they are on a level playing field once competitive action begins.



4 years ago, JConcepts launched the official Turf Nationals race hosted by RC Madness in Enfield, Connecticut, and within a year the event grew to over 300 entries and has arguably become the biggest electric race in the Northeast. In conjunction, last year we introduced 2 new carpet events to accommodate Turf Nationals by adding the Midwest Carpet Nationals at Windy City R/C and the Carpet Nationals at Northwest Hobbies in Albany, Oregon. Both races displayed a special kind of energy and excitement that convinced us that there needed to be a nationwide series dedicated to the die-hard carpet and turf racers.