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JConcepts Outdoor Turf Nationals

Friday, September 7, 2018 to Sunday, September 9, 2018

The growing trend in alternative racing surfaces wasn't just a fluke. After 4 years, the popularity of the JConcepts Turf Nationals is continually on the rise as attendance has grown each and every year thanks to the all-out effort Chris Marcy and the entire R/C Madness crew.

Arguably one of the most exciting races on the calendar that's competitive, laidback, and enjoyable, the Turf Nationals offers a dif­ferent twist to racing with a fun driving turf surface that isn't too grippy and a track layout that is always a pleasure to drive on. Save the date for September 7th - 9th at R/C Madness. 


4th Annual JConcepts Turf Nationals – Race Recap!

There’s no doubt that astroturf and carpet tracks are getting more popular throughout the United States. Once considered strange and not ‘real’ offroad racing, is now a thought of the past and considered truly a viable option to an alternative racing surface.


JConcepts’ Kosciuszek and Rivkin Wins Highlight 3rd Annual Turf Nationals

The 3rd Annual JConcepts’ Turf Nationals at RC Madness is gaining traction. Literally, and within just two short years has evolved into the nation’s biggest astroturf race with entries now nearing 300. Without a doubt, the North Eastern drivers have embraced Astro racing with both arms wide open and with it, have created the first of the ‘Astro Classics’ here in the United States.



2017 Outdoor Turf Nationals Event Info

JConcepts introduced the Outdoor Turf Nationals 3 years ago and growing each and every year. Adding to the roster for the 3rd edition of the Turf Nats, current IFMAR World Champion Spencer Rivkin has been confirmed for the weekend and will surely add to the challenge as he won his WC title on astro in 2015. Also, with the 2-time reigning Tuf National champion also on hand, the Wizard Alex Kosciuszek looks to defend his title as the Turf Nat’s only champion in modified. It will surely be a clash of the titans in September!


2016 Outdoor Turf Nationals

The JConcepts team has landed and setup at RC Madness in Enfield, Connecticut for the 2nd annual Outdoor Turf Nationals. The JConcepts control tires are featured this weekend on the 2wd and 4wd classes with a host of class levels to suit any driver skill level. Follow along the entire weekend as the team practices on Friday with qualifying on Saturday and main events on Sunday.

2016 Photo Album


JConcepts, in conjunction with R/C Madness in Enfield, Connecticut, present the 4th Annual Outdoor Turf Nationals. The dedicated AstroTurf surface created by Chris Marcy combines a large outdoor venue with the grippy green surface used at international events around the world including the 2015 IFMAR World Championships. An experience like none other gives racers the unique opportunity to test their skills on the Turf while negotiating the course at roaring speed. A multitude of classes are offered for all skill levels and accomplishment. JConcepts control tires will be utilized in the 2wd and 4wd buggy classes while stadium truck and SCT will allow open tires. Test your skills in a controlled environment while supporting a refreshing twist on traditional off-road racing. Save the date, book the trip and signup now via RCsignup.com or contact R/C Madness directly for additional information. Go green in September of 2018. 


General information – 

Race entry - $45.00 first entry $30.00 2nd entry 
Includes a complete set of control tires (4 tires)



Friday, September 7, 2018 to Sunday, September 9, 2018

Open Practice
09/07/18   8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

09/08/17   8:00 AM

09/09/17   8:00 AM

Class Info

Available Classes – 

  • 2WD MODIFIED (Handout Tire)
  • 4WD MODIFIED (Handout Tire)
  • 17.5 EXPERT BUGGY (Handout Tire)
  • 17.5 INDEPENDENT BUGGY (Handout Tire / No Sponsors)
  • 13.5 4WD BUGGY (Handout Tire)
  • 40+ 2WD MODIFIED (Handout Tire)
  • 17.5 SCT (Open Tire)
  • 17.5 STADIUM TRUCK (Handout Tire)

General information – 

Race entry - $45.00 first entry $30.00 2nd entry 
Includes a complete set of control tires (4 tires)


Alex Kosciuszek takes the green at the first annual JConcepts Outdoor Turf Nationals.

RC Madness in Enfield, CT, hosted to the first ever Outdoor Turf Nationals. The dedicated track and facility with one of the first Turf tracks in the United States offered up a challenge to all. As title sponsor, JConcepts offered a unique experience to the racer offering controlled tires in the buggy classes while all other available classes used an open tire.

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Local Hotels

Local Airport – 

Bradley International Airport


Local hotel options – 

Red Roof Inn Enfield
5 Hazard Avenue
Enfield, CT, 06082

Holiday Inn
One Bright Meadow Boulevard
Enfield, CT 06082

Hampton Inn and Suites
20 Phoenix Avenue
Enfield, Connecticut 06082